Shop Projects Day

When I retired I gave all my welding shop equipment to my son-n-law(SNL). After 10 years of use with little or no maintenance there are several items of equipment in serious need of a bit of tender loving care(TLC).

SNL has recently acquired an older Snapon model 230sl MIG welder that is not feeding wire nor welding as it should. I think it needs to have the gun polarity reset from electrode negative to electrode positive.

Hobart model 175 MIG welder is not feeding any wire to the gun. Not sure but I suspect the trigger switch has a broken wire or bad contact at the trigger. So I will dissemble the gun and re-solder the trigger wires. If that fails I will check the trigger it’s self and replace the trigger if need.

The 9 inch angle head grinder also has a sticking trigger problem. Most likely it needs to be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled.

I’m sure that the larger air compressed has not had water drained from it’s air tank this year so I will also drain the air tank before our first day of freezing weather.

SNL works in town, so I will have him pick-up a small order of 1/4 inch rod and an assortment of 1/8 inch by 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch wide flat steel and a new bottle of CO2 gas for the MIG welder.
If you only do a small amount of welding using flux core wire is fine but flux core wire cost 2 or even 3 times as much per-pound as solid wire. However CO2 gas is required as a shielding gas when using solid wire.

9 responses to “Shop Projects Day

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  2. My son-in-law has just had to buy a new helmet as he had a flash when using his equipment. I had no idea what that meant but he has explained it to me and I now know.

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  3. My welding equipment is the farmer down the road a bit. I know my mechanical limits (e.g. going to the auto/farm store to purchase the parts, filters & fluids so that he can spend his time fixing my stuff rather than running errands.) – Oscar

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  4. I like repairing small things, like my daughters’ toys when they were little, but the welding is my husband’s niche. Perhaps my third-year engineering daughter will join in the effort, now that she has taken a mechanical workshop course, and passed with flying colours. Happy welding!

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  5. Welding is a wonderfully handy skill to have. Usually people who can weld, can fix just about anything whether it needs welding or another kind of fixing.

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  6. Ahh.. welding…. husband and son love to weld ,and they do a lovely job of it as they can make some beautiful gates…me ,I just stay away from these little fire sparkles that like to burn 🤓 btw.. if you ever forget that helmet ,and those eyes aren’t very happy because of it… cut a potato in half ,hit the recliner ,recline.
    ,and put those potato slices on the eyes for awhile.

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  7. Nothing better to pull something apart and getting it to work again. Much as I like doing that, I’m usually have bits left over. If it still works, why were the bits needed in the first place?

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    • Grin … I find that if you dump a can full of assorted nuts and bolts onto your work table before starting you repair job, you will not know that you have extra bit and parts left over and you will feel better not knowing what parts were left over from you repair job.

      Happy Gardening


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