UK – Gardening for Victory and Survival

Eighty years ago at the declaration of war, Great Britons leaders knew that one of their highest priorities was to feed the citizens of Great Briton during the war no matter how long the war lasted.

Digging for Victory: Gardening in World War Two. (BBC News Service) A photo gallery of UK War Time Gardens 1940 to 1947.

UK’s War time Ministry of Agriculture initiative to help to keep the population healthy during food and fuel rationing following the naval blockade that saw food imports drastically reduce.
By 1943, most households had their own garden plot

This a unsung and mostly forgotten event that not only fed millions of fighting men but also fed citizens of both countries during WWII war years a history that was playing out in America as well as Great Briton.

8 responses to “UK – Gardening for Victory and Survival

  1. Love seeing the old photos!


  2. My grandfather was still digging for Victory well into the 1960s! We enjoyed visiting his allotment and the effects of surfeiting on beetroot!


  3. I think, if Boris Johnson drags the UK our of the European Union, we will see a resurgence of the home grown vegetable plot. The introduction of the border will be similar to that of the naval blockade.
    I am already preparing my veg plot in the UK.

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  4. We should all be doing that whether we’re at war or not.

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