Summer High Pressure Heat Dome

Summer High Pressure Dome is forming over Oklahoma Kansas, and west Texas and will likely stay in place for the next 8 or 9 weeks. This dome prevents moist air from being drawn in off of the gulf of Mexico setting us up for long hot days ranging in the mid to upper 90’s (34.4 – 36.6C) for the next 10 day weather forecast with no rain being predicted.

Most gardens will quickly wither away in the dry heat. Few of us can afford to apply 1 inch of tap water 3 days a week for the next 6 or 9 weeks.

Only the most drought tolerant native plants can survive our normal, July and August hot rain less days.
Native grasses are turning brown and will conserve soil moisture by going dormant until our fall season rains and cooler weather returns. Then all of the dormant plants will burst into bloom to make seed before the first killing frost. Here first killing frost is most generally the 2 or even 3rd week of November.

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8 responses to “Summer High Pressure Heat Dome

  1. Summer has brought rain to the mountains of Kentucky and lots of it. Farmer’s crops are suffering from all the excess rain. Our beans are turning yellow and tomatoes are very slow ripening. Hoping for some relief in upcoming days.


  2. We have not gone for more than 48 hours without rain. Our annual rainfall is at 14 inches right as of today. I would love to see a little dry spell. I can’t mow or make hay in the standing water I got!


  3. Too bad it has to be all or nothing with the warmth and sunshine and rain. Here on the supposed “wet coast” on Vancouver Island, our grass always goes brown in the summer. We don’t water an acre of grass just so we can have the fun of mowing it. But there is still enough water for the garden. Now if we had many acres, it might be a different story. I do notice it getting hotter and drier each year though.


  4. Welcome to my world! Georgia has had a very warm spring and it’s continuing on ,those dry 95* or higher days are a normal for us this time of year though. Container gardening ,along with raised beds has been a blessing so I’m not trying to water a large area. My flowerbeds are filled with drought tough plants … I learned the hard way there.


  5. After too much rain earlier in the month – when our visitors were over from Las Vegas – suddenly mainland Europe is having a heat wave and it’s very hot in Bournemouth. I’ve emptied all my rainwater butts – mainly because I plant lots of tubs, the lawn I never water, grass is tough.

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  6. This also occurs in East Texas- to a lesser degree. I lived in Canton TX most of my life, but now I live in Galveston TX on the Texas Coast and I love it! It’s a much milder summer with more rainfall.

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