Spring prepping for summer wildlife viewing

Hummingbirds will soon be returning to my tiny garden. Black-chinned and Ruby-throat hummingbirds have been sighted by bird spotters not more than 50 or 75 miles south of my tiny garden. 2019 spring hummingbird migration map

Today is forecast to be around 70%F, so, I’m making up a batch of sugar water and sterilizing hummingbird feeders. I want to be sure when birds arrive I have food out for them. After their long migration flights from central Mexico they will be tired and hungry in need of a high sugar, high energy food source.

The worst thing that can happen is I will need to dump and putout fresh food in 3 – 5 days should the birds fail to arrive this week.

FYI- To make your own sugar water, use 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. 1 cup water with 1/4 cup sugar, 2 cups water with 1/2 cup sugar, anyway your get it 4 to 1 ratio.
Bring water to a boil, add sugar and remove from heat source. Stir until sugar is dissolved in your hot water.
Do not boil your sugar water, you want sugar water not syrup.
Adding red food coloring to your sugar water is not necessary and in some cases can be harmful to hummingbirds.
Hint: Use pure cane sugar not beet sugar.

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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5 responses to “Spring prepping for summer wildlife viewing

  1. We usually empty the birdfeeders before April… Bears will be coming out and find those to be a much of a snack as birds do, but with more destructive results. Instead, we have gone to planting lots of berries plants and other flowers that are starting to open their buds for when the hummingbirds return a little farther north than your garden. Thanks for giving them a treat along the way (any bears in your neighborhood?). – Oscar

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  2. Thank you for the humming bird migration map. Think I’ll put out some food just in case.

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  3. Just put my hummingbird feeder out today. Good timing for your post.

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  4. That is awesome! You can also take oranges, cut them in half take a coat hanger and poke them through and space them out. Then hang it in the garden and it will attract the hummers as well as the orioles! Sugar btw will dissolve in lukewarm tap water, just be sure to shake it…

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