Spring .. are we there yet?

Spring… depending on your definition of spring, March 1 or to some March 21 is the start of spring. Either way my soil temperature at the 2 inch depth is 45%F and still to cool for most spring garden plant seed to germinate well.

FYI: I garden in USDA hardness zone 7, in southwest Oklahoma. It is still 40 or so days until the arrival of my last usual frost free night, some time around the 10th of April.

This morning I have had a winter weather event. Temperatures have dropped from 33%F at 6AM to 23%F recorded at 3PM this afternoon. Not much rain but enough to cover everything with a thin layer of ice.

I ventured out long enough to fill/refill bird feeders and now it is time to pour a glass of wine and watch the birds getting fat on welfare bird seed platters.

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17 responses to “Spring .. are we there yet?

  1. I hope it has warmed up there by now. A few weeks does wonders. My husband built me a very nice cold frame this year using two nice 4 ft. X 4 ft windows. I just put some seedlings in it yesterday and they’re still alive today even though the temperature was down in the low 20’s last night. A few more nights like that and then a better warm up here in New England. Yay, spring!

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  2. You remind me of my husband! That is so good and organized that you know your soil temp. 🙂 I’m pretty slap dash. I think God must just have mercy on my plants.

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  3. Felt like spring last week, but unfortunately winter has returned to KY. We’re expecting snow this weekend 😔! But, on a happier note… my chives are up and standing proudly at about three inches tall! 😊 Super excites for spring!!!

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  4. I live in the Caribbean where we enjoy warm weather all year round.
    Hope it warms up soon so you can plant 🙂

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  5. Exactly this time last year we had the Beast from the East in the UK. This February we started with a flurry of snow, but most of the month has been record breaking temperatures. Lots of daffodils out and birds tweeting happily here on the south coast.

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    • Sad smile … I was getting all excited that spring weather will soon be upon my tiny garden plot. But, I spoke to soon, we are scheduled to be at or near 13%F(-10.5%C) for the next 3 or 4 nights. YUK.
      Happy Gardening

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  6. We’ve had unusually warm weather in the UK over the last week. I have some seeds in the house on windowsills etc but would put anything out yet as it could turn colder again

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  7. Up here in Northern Illinois, I’m still expecting an early Spring… However, not as early as yours (5A) but maybe by early April 😁

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  8. The weather here in South West Wales UK is unseasonably mild and spring like. Bit I suspect we may have more winter to come so no seed sowing yet.

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  9. I have potato plants and peas popping up,we are however going to have a cold snap next week,a covering of straw will save them ..hopefully there’s no surprise frost in April. I’m in zone 8a

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  10. Nope! No spring yet. We’re expecting more snow tonight. Yikes!

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