Gardening By USDA Hardiness Zone’s

Gardening in USDA Zone’s 10 and 9. Your last frost date will arrive in the next 30 to 45 days allowing you to start planting your 2019 garden.

Zone 8 gardeners will need to plant seed indoors soon giving your seedlings time to reach outdoor planting size by the first or second week of March.

USDA Hardness Zones 5, 6 and 7 gardeners should be getting your 2019 garden seed on order and making plans to plant seeds in starter pots and trays to be planted in your garden starting about the first or second week of April.

First and Last Frost Dates by USDA Hardiness Zone

Find Your – First – Last Frost Date

USDA Hardiness Zone First Frost Date Last Frost Date
1 July 15th June 15th
2 August 15th May 15th
3 September 15th May 15th
4 September 15th May 15th
5 October 15th April 15th
6 October 15th April 15th
7 October 15th April 15th
8 November 15th March 15th
9 December 15th February 15th
10 December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
11 No frost. No frost.

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7 responses to “Gardening By USDA Hardiness Zone’s

  1. Traditionally our first hard-frost day, here in the Appalanchain Mountians in eastern West Virginia, has been October 20th, and our frost-free day May 15th. The past decade has been erratic, as all of our weather appears to be, with cold coming early/late and ending early/late. As of yesterday it was 50F on New Year’s Day, and we are harvesting all of our salad greens from our greenhouse (cold house, not hot house) and cold frames. We pulled onions and leaks from under row-cover. Is this the New Normal? – Oscar

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  2. Oh to be zone 9 or 10. I am a zone 3b in Wainwright, AB Canada. That’s not the only problem, we have clay soil that grows very little in the way of anything without some serious input.

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