Hummingbird Summer

Summers dry rainless days and nights with it’s full sunshine and heat has arrived.

Springs cooler weather flowering plants are gone.
Few plants in my tiny part of SW Oklahoma flower in the heat and dry of summer. It will be late August before the cooler season fall blooming flowers suddenly pop in to full bloom. Till then my hummingbird feeders will supplement the hummingbirds food needs.

I only have 2 feeders. Each holds about 8 ounces (1 1/2 cup) of sugar water. At present I have enough hummingbirds visiting my feeders to consume 16 ounces (3 cups) of sugar water every 24 hours. Making fresh sugar water and refilling feeders is an every morning project.
This routine will continue until cooler weather fall season flowers are in bloom and the hummingbirds will be less dependent on a supplemental food source.

Several pair of Ring Neck doves, 2 pair of Cardinals(redbirds) and 1 pair of Redwing black birds that come to feed from a cake pan filled with black sunflower seed several times a day seem to be happy to shell and consume sunflower seed. At present they are consuming close to one 13 ounce coffee can full of sunflower seed everyday.

Luckily I can purchase 50 pounds of sunflower seed from my local farmers coop store for about 1/3 the price of 50 pounds of seed from places like Atwood’s, Lowe’s and Home depot.

Like pigeons, dove are ground feeders and prefer to feed from a feed tray placed on a large flat landing platform.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?

9 responses to “Hummingbird Summer

  1. You said it – bossy! We moved up to our shack in the hills over summer, we didn’t plant many flowers for our hummer in the valley. When we go down there to look after the yards, he comes right up around my head, and seems to chattering and cursing at me.

    Up here we have a really aggressive fellow, he comes right across the top of my head if I get to close to his flowers. His new favorite is Gogi berries, you might want to look into those. Mine has flourished for two years of winter frost and summer triple digits, still in the tiny pot my son brought it to me in. It gets a 5 or 6 foot vine, with tiny white flowers all along. Hummer loves those flowers, I watch out for him whenever I water those. And then there are beautiful red, spicy tasting berries, for the people and various birds.The mountain jays go crazy for those. In fall the plant dies back, turning out new plants in early spring.

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  2. We are fortunate here in the Appalanchian Mountains to have plenty of rain and lots of summer flowers for humming birds. We have had some feeders over the years, but now have enough density of flowers to feed them from Spring through Fall migration. They are currently fans of the Jewel Weed. As to sun flower seeds, we let them eat from the stalks of the flowers here. We only put out seed in feeders one the bears have gone to rest for the winter. No need to encourage them to come gorge themselves on bird feeders. Weeds, weeds, weeds are what we are attempting to reign in currently while we wait for some sunny days to ripen the tomatoes, etc.
    – Oscar

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  3. Our yard is full of birds, Robins, Blue Jays, sparrows, Black cap chickadees and unfortunately, from time to time, noisy crows. In the winterm we also get Bohemian waxwings in flocks of hundreds and sometimes Common Grackles. No shortage of birds here and I do not need to put out a feeder. Most eat the berries on my ornamentals, the Blue Jays eat the acorns on my oak tree and the lousy sparrows eat my lettuce and beet tops. Very few hummingbirds here, butt here are some. I may have to put a feeder out next year to see if I can attract some. Cheers. Allan

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  4. How do you keep squirrels from your flar feeder? Everything I’ve troed has failed.
    Thx for your advoce!

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    • This is prairie grass country a near treeless area of southwest Oklahoma. Trees are mostly found only in places where humans have planted them and can give them supplemental care and water. Natural grass fires keep most trees surviving from seedlings. Squirrels have never been a problem in my area.

      Happy Gardening


  5. We also have a hummingbird feeder but for a different reason. We are at the northern edge of their range and it is not unusual to have an event that can wipe them out. They can only survive if there are yellow bellied sap suckers or humans feeding them. One year we had an unseasonable but not unheard of August snow. It was heavy and wet and melted away by noon. I will never forget the desperate hummingbird mother bravely herding her four little fledgelings to the snow covered feeder. She sat a nearby branch, a little puffed up ball of relief and misery while all four babies stuffed themselves on my nectar and then, only when they were full did she take her turn. They say hummingbird males don’t help with babies but I don’t believe it. A male ruby throat assisted her getting the little ones to the feeder and stood guard watching them and chasing off others. He also came over and hovered outside my window to let me know they had emptied it and I needed to come refill it RIGHT NOW.

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