Summer Solstice Happiest Day Of The Year

Plants are more connected to the summer solstice than humans. Plant cells contain microscopic amounts of phytochrome, a light-sensitive pigment that actually enables plants to reckon the length of daylight.

When the length of daylight the “photoperiod” falls below a certain critical level, the leaves of a maple tree spontaneously start changing colors. The result is a breathtaking spectacle, especially in New England.

The behavior of animals is strongly tied to the length of daylight.
For instance, when the photoperiod reaches 12.5 hours of sunlight per day which in the U.S. happens in late March the gonads of male and female hamsters instantly begin revving up. When the photoperiod falls below 12.5 hours of daylight in mid-September, the reproductive machinery begins shrinking and slowing down.
Now was that hamster information useful information?

Length of daylight which maxes out on the summer solstice also triggers many other important animal traits and behaviors. Everything from the color of animal fur to the timing of animal migrations.

Scientists have also come to learn the huge importance of daylight to our own mental and emotional well being. A recent, experiment evaluated the emotional content of tweets from 2.4 million people worldwide for nearly two years.
Researchers found that, all other things being equal, as the length of daylight increases, so does a person’s general level of happiness.
Everything else being equal, therefore, the summer solstice is arguably the happiest day on Earth.

The perfect mindset for participating in all those over-the-top solstice celebrations.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?


13 responses to “Summer Solstice Happiest Day Of The Year

  1. We humans, especially in urban and suburan regions have become so disconnected from natural cycles… maybe a few more hurricanes will wake us up to reality. – Oscar

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog which led me to yours. Happy Summer Solstice to you! Now, if global warming only meant we’d be getting more sunshine…

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  3. Always seems ‘unfair’ that the nights will now start drawing in again, when we are only a few weeks into summer. Yesterday was lovely in this corner of the UK, though.

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  4. We celebrated our winter solstice last night with a feast. And now with the drawing out of days I can’t wait for my gonads to spring into action. Sadly, I’m not a hamster…

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  5. I must admit that I like the long summer days to the short often dreary ones. I think summer must affect mice that way too! I’m on the war path because of mice trying to take over the shop.

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    • 😦 Last spring/summer was a really bad mouse/rat year for us, the worst I have seen in the past 50 years.
      Conditions were right, they were fruitful and multiplied faster than rabbits.
      I brought in 2 stray cats, several rat traps and rat bait by the buckets full and managed to keep them thinned out.
      This year I haven’t seen a rat or mouse so the cats must be doing their job.
      FYI I don’t feed the cats if they want to eat they must hunt and catch mice and rats.

      Happy Gardening

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      • No cat here! I’m a bird lover… with Carolina wrens on my porch,Cardinals in the Camilla where you can sit in the rocker on the porch to watch them,Towhees , woodpeckers of every shape and size….well, you get the picture.😄 Traps, rat bait are in use.

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        • YUK, yes small birds and cats do not mix well.
          I to watch and feed a lot of birds.
          Feeders are placed high off the ground and well away from bushes etc. where a can can hide from unsuspecting birds.
          Ferrell cats are mostly night hunters so ‘so far’ cats have not been a problem, but if they do become a problem I will trap the cats and return them to the hay barn where they came from.

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  6. I’ve already shared that hamster anecdote!

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  7. Happy Summer!🌻

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  8. It’s a great day to be a plant!

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