Better Late Than Never, Spring Is In The Air

It’s a week past my normal last frost date and maybe, just maybe I have had my last spring frost. A few nights ago it went down to 26 degrees F. and did a lot of damage to tender new plant buds and plants that had leafed out. It, the frost, has set my grapes back at least 1 if not 2 weeks.

Hummingbirds have started arriving. Everyday it seems that I have one or two more than the day before visiting my feeders.
Just my opinion but I think it is a good investment to buy feeders with what sellers call bee and wasp guards. After replacing my old style feeders with new feeders with bee guards having bees and wasp feeding at my hummingbird feeders is no longer a problem me and the hummingbirds must contend with.

The Purple Martin house is open and raise to a height of about 12 feet. My first pair of Martins arrived Saturday and have given their nod of approval.

Chicken have finished molting and have started laying about 1 egg per bird everyday. Just for the record I have 4 hens that are now 4 years old and 3 that are 2 years old.
Grin … now me and extended family have more eggs than we can eat every week and that’s a good thing.
Smiling… as my hens get to old to be useful egg producers, I keep putting out feed and they become yard ornaments for my viewing pleasure.

Cataract surgery on my left eye went well. I’m seeing things that I have not seen well for at least 4 or 5 years. I have a followup doctors visit set for the 18th and he will operate on my right eye on the morning of the 25th.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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21 responses to “Better Late Than Never, Spring Is In The Air

  1. Here in Michigan, winter went through April, and Summer started in May. We kind of skipped “Spring”.

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  2. nice simple style of writing.

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  3. be nice to have some pics of the birds – humming birds only live in zoos in the UK!

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  4. UK has gone from still-wintery last week to heatwave this! But everything is well behind from March snow etc.
    Hope second op goes well.

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  5. Here in Ga ,the weather turned a little cooler again. We had to start up the old wood stove to take off the morning chill. Glad to hear your surgery went well. I have been enjoying reading your other post.

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  6. Still waterlogged here in Bulgaria, everything is running late the wild strawberries are only just showing their leaves, the rabbits keep asking why they have not been fed any yet! Our chickens have not stopped laying all winter we have @ 100 eggs in the house at present!

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  7. I’m so happy to hear the good news about the success of your cataract surgery! Praying that the next one goes as well.

    I live about 35 miles from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We had another late hard freeze last night. One day last week, our high temperature was almost 90 degrees F. Today, our expected high is 56. Normal high should be around 65 this time of year. I was tempted on that nice, warm day to sow seeds for radishes, kale, lettuce, and turnips. I’m glad I got lazy. Our weatherman says there’s still a “blackberry winter” coming before we’re really past last frost. Looks like it will be May before I can get anything in the ground. ((sad face))

    Haven’t seen any hummingbirds yet, but they don’t usually arrive here until the last part of April or early May. Feeders are ready to greet the little hummers. Seeing lots of fat robins, so I expect the nesting is underway and we’ll hear hungry little babies chirping soon.


  8. Good news on the eye! If your chickens lay extra eggs, just send them up my way. They may be scrambled by the time they get here, but I bet they’re good.

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  9. coppicelearner

    My season is late too in SW Wales UK. Hopefully itmwill get warmer and drier soon.

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  10. The plum blossom is out here in the UK, the temperatures are struggling to rise this year though so the Spring flowers all seem a lot later than usual. The unusual snows in March really set everything back.

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  11. I’m glad to read that the op went well. Spring is in the Kentish air too. Asparagus on a stall this morning; I found my hand diving into my pocket; a treat for Mrs T when she gets in from work. And the hops put on 6 inches over the weekend.


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