The Unicycle Parade

1968 at Firebase Wilson, South Vietnam I had little use for a Unicycle, so, I missed out on that unicycle fad of the late 60’s.

Artie & Stu

Antony’s dad worked at a marketing warehouse which stored test-run entertainment products like light-up dart boards, novelty dipping dunking birds, pinball machines and lawn jarts.  Some of the products were innovative, but most were knock-off versions of popular items, with slight modifications such as fluorescent striping or special noises embedded.

When a marketing plan failed, the test products were destroyed, except of course for the items which found their way into the spacious trunk of Antony’s dad’s Chevy Caprice.  The last and best item to emerge from that trunk into their garage before Antony’s dad got fired, was the Neon Lime Green saddle with aluminum tube framed unicycle.  We didn’t know it would our last best childhood memory. 1968-schwinn-unicycle

We had all seen cool Schwinn unicycle advertisements, of course.  But $40 was a lot to waste on a birthday gift then for an unknown. We thought of a unicycle as circus…

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