2018 Tomato Season

Disclaimer. I do not work for nor do I receive any benefit from this seed seller, however I have had good success using seed I purchased from them.
The big thing is they have more than 600 different types of Tomato seed that are Hybrid or Heirlooms to choose from.

Tomatofest Seed sale Annual Heirloom Tomato Seed Sale through Friday, January 19, 2018.

Our Annual Heirloom Tomato Seed Sale is designed to reach our newsletter subscribers and past customers as our “thank you” for choosing TomatoFest® for your organic heirloom tomato seeds.

From our online heirloom tomato seed catalog of more than 650 tomato seed varieties, we are currently offering you 350 of our most favored heirloom tomato varieties.

We selected many of our most popular and rare heirloom tomato varieties for this sale pricing. Up to a 50% savings off our regular price.

Take advantage of this Tomato Seed Sale to acquire tomato seeds for varieties that you want to grow, even if you do not have the space to grow them this year, as some varieties may not be offered in the future.

Tomato seeds will last 3-5 years if stored properly.
We guarantee the quality of TomatoFest® Heirloom Tomato Seeds

(Note: The balance of our 650 varieties will be at our regular price and we still require a $15 minimum order. Your order may mix sale items with regularly priced items).

Tomatofest Seed sale

“Top Ten” Heirloom Tomato Collection
Dagma’s Favorites Tomato Collection
Gary’s Favorites Tomato Collection
Gourmet Tomato Collection
Sauce Tomato Collection
Favorite Canning Tomato Collection
Cherry Tomato Collection
Rainbow Tomato Collection
Novelty Tomato Collection
Giant Tomato Collection
Short Season Tomato Collection
Cooler Coastal Tomato Collection
Tropical/Hot/Humid Tomato Collection
Tropical Container Gardening Tomato Collection
High Altitude Tomato Collection
Patio Container Collection
Indoor Container Collection 1
Indoor Container Collection 2

Happy 2018 Gardening Season


11 responses to “2018 Tomato Season

  1. Thanks for sharing info with us.


  2. 2016: late blight. 2017: early blight. 2018 plan: have strategy in place for both, before planting out seedlings!

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    • Sorry to hear about your blight problem. Blight has been a serious problem in tomato’s and potato’s the last few years in many home gardens.
      Good luck and Happy Gardening


  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Thanks for the link. My brother in Georgia shared some seeds with me a few years back from this company and they grew great up north where I live in southern Wisconsin. I won’t be starting my tomatoes until April!!!!! Begonia

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  5. Love it. My life is in hydroponic design these cold days but I cannot wait to stick my hands and feet into the dirt

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  6. Thanks for the link! I can’t wait for spring.

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  7. I’m looking forward to growing time again. Tired of winter!

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