Russia Invades Southeast United States

Russian winter weather colludes with President Trump’s administration weather service to invade Americas Southeast states as well as Americas Northeastern weather system to dump snow and ice from Florida to New York. Congress democrat Nancy Pelosi demands President Trump be impeached.

Alvarado shortage is attributed to President Trumps border wall preventing Mexican alvarado cartels an off shout of Mexico’s drug cartels inability to smuggle fresh alvarado’s to American supermarkets. Nancy Pelosi demands President Trump be impeached.

North Korea’s president Kim Jong Un said he will attack the United States because of President Trump’s efforts to cut off North Korea’s supply of cheap Chinese imported whiskey. Nancy Pelosi demands President Trump be impeached.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has declared his support to left wing democrats in the US congress after it was discovered Prophet Muhammad had concluded with President Trump’s administration to import BLT(bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwiches. Nancy Pelosi demands President Trump be impeached.

As for me, in my little part of Southwest Oklahoma my tiny garden has received about 2.5 inches of rain sense the 15 day of August 2017 setting us on the path for another drought year.

Happy 2018 Gardening Season


11 responses to “Russia Invades Southeast United States

  1. We were in the same situation here in NorCal – about 2.5, maybe less – until I employed my trusty voodoo doll. I gave her a new brooch pin (she likes the shiny stuff) and it started raining Thursday of last week. Tomorrow the weatherman says to expect a real whopper.

    Voodoo doll also works for relieving stress – I got a picture of Jerry Brown on mine, and every time he does something stupid (daily) I stick it to him! I also have our mayor and one of our more pesky city council members on there.

    I’d get a picture of Pelosi but I’m afraid it would scare the doll.

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  2. Cold keeping you in? Your ruminations appear to have cabin-fever. Thus, the value of gardening and working the land… you can rant in the open! Got a good laugh from this one. My Dept. of Alternative Facts can’t keep up with the absurdities coming from Washington, D.C. (let alone make up such goofiness… Bannon had “lost his mind” yeas ago). -Oscar

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    • Grin … you may be right on cabin fever. After more than a week of below freezing temperatures I need to be out doing something even it that something is just watching my chicken flock doing chicken stuff…
      After more than 8 years and more than 1,300 postings on wordpress I have at one time or another posted something containing a bit of my limited gardening knowledge and experience.
      I now find myself repeating things I posted about 5 years ago.

      Any suggestions in what direction I go with my little blog?
      Happy Spring 2018 Gardening

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      • I keep wondering when I will digress into “this is what I did this week”… but topics keep coming along. We have been getting into fungus and fermentation (e.g. mushrooms and sauerkraut, the later of which we have successfulling made). I believe that you have writtena bout pickling. Any fermenting topics on hand? – Oscar

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  3. Haha!

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  4. Sorry about the drought but I sure enjoyed the laugh.

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  5. Brightened up my day with this post, thanks.


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