2017 – Rushing into the history book

Christmas eve fades into Christmas morning and we have had our first really cold temperature forecast to be near 19 degrees. Not that cold by many northerners standards but by my standards, frozen chicken trough water is ‘Cold’.

Looking back I see that my tiny garden has received 1.90 inches of rain during the past 90 days. Getting pretty dry in my neighborhood. The sad part of this story is the long range 30 day forecast looks no better for a good soaking rain.

Colder weather, short daylight hours and chickens in molt my daily egg count has fallen from 6-8 eggs a day to 1-2 eggs. Grin, of course with the colder weather they are eating more and producing less. At present my eggs are only costing me about $1.00 an egg in feed and water cost. It would save me a lot of money if were to have a lot of chicken soup and buy eggs at the supermarket.

It has been a tough year for trees and vines in my tiny part of southwest Oklahoma.
Last June(2017) we had a thunderstorm that packed 104 mph winds along with golf ball size hail. It has taken all summer for my trees and grapevines to recover.
Still trees and grapevines will need pruned soon after new years day to be healthy and productive during the 2018 growing season.

This marks the end of year 2 of the bamboo screening project. So far it has been less successful than I had hoped. Still people that have used bamboo as screens say year 3 is the magic year that bamboo will begin to become an effective screen. Only time will tell.

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8 responses to “2017 – Rushing into the history book

  1. Our chickens are also taking time out from egg laying. I have also done the math and reckon that 1 egg is costing me $1 right now and that’s a Canadian dollar! I would go back to buying store eggs but they just don’t have any flavour so I’ll stick with the expensive ones.


  2. I live in SW Wales, UK and have too much rain! Today it is snowing on and off with a little on the ground. It sounds as though your weather is more extreme and I do not envy you coping with it so maybe mild, wet and pretty predictable is good!

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    • Grin … rain may fall at a time that is inconvenient to us but I dough you can find anyone that will say we have had to much rain.
      Happy New Year and thank you for taking time to visit my tiny blog.


  3. We have snow. Hope it doesn’t stay too long. Merry Christmas!

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  4. Wishing you, and everyone, an even better 2018.

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