Broody Hen – What Do I Do Now?

Broody means that a hen wants to hatch her eggs and raise chickens. Broodiness is driven by several factors including genetics, hormone, instinct and lighting conditions.
Almost all breeds will go broody, including Buff Orpingtons, Cochins, Silkies and many of the Bantam breeds. Others are less likely to go broody.

If You Only Have Hens the eggs won’t be fertile and won’t hatch, so there is no point in letting the hen sit on those eggs. If you do want to hatch chicks under your broody hen, you may be able to get fertile eggs from someone in your area.

Let a Broody Hen Hatch Chicks
It is best to isolate your broody hen so she is not disturbed by the other chickens. It takes about 21 days for a hen to hatch eggs, and she will be sitting in a nest box for the majority of that time with few trips daily to get a drink, eat, and poop.

As the hatch date draws near, be sure to also have on hand some starter feed for the chicks. Starter feed contains more protein than layer feed and is formulated to help the baby chicks grow properly. Chick starter feed will be fine for the broody hen as well.

As the baby chicks start to hatch, check on them frequently (several times a day) to make sure they are doing okay. Her egg clutch was not laid in one day, so it may take 2 or 3 days for all her eggs to hatch.

Breaking” a Broody Hen
As soon as you notice that your hen has gone broody transfer her into a cage that is well lit and that has a wire mesh bottom. I use an old rabbit cage.
The floor of the cage should be several feet off the ground. The idea is to make the cage not feel very private, she will not have any nesting materials in this cage. Provide her with food and clean water. Within a few days, usually 3 or 4 days, she will cease to be broody, then you can return her to your flock of chickens. .

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3 responses to “Broody Hen – What Do I Do Now?

  1. My silkies are broody quite frequently! Thanks for the tips! Ive also learnt to notice their broody poos (they are a lot bigger than normal) – helps to reduce the time they are broody as I can implement things quicker!


  2. It was the muscovy ducks that did the hatching for us. But the muscovy drake had got up close and personal with one or more campbell duck, so we had quite a motley crew of hatchlings. They roasted well enough …


  3. We used to put hens that went broody on a bunch of fertile duck eggs. Those were available almost for free from a local duck farmer. That way we would get some ducklings to vary out our diet. After a few days the duckling take off to the nearest water which leave a hysterically upset hen for a bit but then she is no longer broody. We would put food for the ducklings in a pen that was left open so they would go in and out all the time when not in the water. Ducklings eat lots of pond food so they are pretty cheap to feed. Then when the ducklings got older, we would close the pen catch them and butcher them.


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