Iowa Youth Livestock Show

Mitchell Miner, 15, of Williamsburg, Iowa and Audri entered the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show. They prepared for weeks with Mitchell leading, clipping, walking and bathing Audri nonstop up to the competition. On the day of the show, Mitchell woke up at 3 a.m. his third straight early-morning rise putting the final touches on Audri.

Mitchell and Audri ended up placing fifth out of seven contestants, after hard competition, the two took a nap together.

3 responses to “Iowa Youth Livestock Show

  1. How beautiful! Such a nice story in the crazy mess of this world. Thank you for sharing, you made my day.

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  2. Reblogged this on heartclosetblog and commented:
    Mitchell spends and devotes his life to doing the “good” with passion. Such wonderful young man and a lovely dairy cow.


  3. That is adorable. I love it when it is dairy cattle because then you know the animal is going to stay and not be auctioned for slaughter. Though I was raised on a farm and am a meat eater, I could not be a farmer/rancher because I would never be able to give up my pets, and they would all be pets for me. Great post.


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