Flowering Bulbs and Spring Harvested Garlic

Spring and Summer Blooming Bulbs: I will not repeat what so many others have spent so much time putting into print about Fall planting Spring Flowering Bulbs. I encourage you to visit Bulbs & More at the University of Illinois Extension Bulb Basics for a useful and easy to understand fact sheet on Spring and Summer blooming bulbs. This fact sheet covers everything from soil preparation, planting, care before during and after blooming. You will also find info on Planting & Care, Spring Flowering Bulbs to Landscaping with bulbs.

Fall Planted Garlic: The same information applies to your Fall planted Garlic cloves for Spring and Summer harvested crops.

For those of you that live in the Northern, colder parts of the U.S. information provided by the The University of Minnesota may be useful in designing and planning your flowering bulb gardens.

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5 responses to “Flowering Bulbs and Spring Harvested Garlic

  1. Great post! Very informative!


  2. You cannot beat wild garlic, foraged in the weeks of Lent before Easter, when the trees have not yet blocked the sun from getting to ground level.


  3. I’ve been told by nurseries around here tat they don’t carry crocus because they won’t grow in the heat of Florida. Won’t they fair well in our air conditioning?

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