Snake in the grass

Don’t Mess With Old People Mrs. Newby, 72-year-old Oklahoma woman refused to let more than a dozen copperhead snakes slither under her home.
Using a shotgun, shovel and rake handle to crush and blast the critters to death.
As of Sunday, 17 snakes have been killed.


9 responses to “Snake in the grass

  1. This is my kind of woman!


  2. Wow! That’s one tough lady!


  3. Juanita Sumner

    I wish I had a picture of my grandma and her cats and dog – she and my gramps were nut farmers, they hated squirrels and gophers. She would put a hose into one gopher or ground squirrel hole, then stand over another hole with the shotgun (1912 Winchester) about 4 inches off the ground, the cats and dog would take positions at the other holes. She and the cats would just stand there, and wait. We kids would get bored and run off to play, then all the sudden, BOOM!

    Ah, the good old days.

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    • Back in the day, grand parents didn’t call animal control about yard or garden pest. They took care of the problem in their own way(s).
      Happy Gardening


  4. I loved this..thanx for sharing!!


  5. Good for her. Imagine if they had got under the house and come up the air ducts overnight.


  6. Wow … she is brave !!! I would have run in the opposite direction … but … she stood her ground and protected her home. Great story … thanks for sharing. Jan

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  7. That’s so scary! I couldn’t do something like that!

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  8. Seventy-two or not, she’s a brave woman! I would have moved and let them have the house.

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