Chrysanthemums add Fall and early Winter color to your garden


The Garden Helper How to Grow and Care for your Chrysanthemum Plants.

I know it’s hard to think about cooler weather Fall flowers. Believe it or not we will soon be having those wonderful cool sunny days called Fall. Chrysanthemum {Mums} are easy to grow herbaceous perennial that will give you many years of enjoyment.

Chrysanthemums come in a rainbow of colors. Yellow, red’s and white being the most common. Your local nursery, Walmart and other stores will soon have a good selection of Chrysanthemum to select from. Consider buying the smaller 4 inch pots for planting this year. While being less showy this year, they are also ‘much’ cheaper to buy and by next fall they will be large and put on a specular display for you.


17 responses to “Chrysanthemums add Fall and early Winter color to your garden

  1. We have (slowly) created a partial-shade flower bed in our front yard. I put red, purple and white-with-pink-edge mums on the side nearest the house. They are all blooming yellow this year. I swear I have never bought a yellow chrysanthemum. Plants are so weird.

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  2. I love the colors of “mums” but never have any luck with them!

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  3. Love! And feel similar about carnations/dianthus for same reasons:)

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  4. I used to have them in my previous home’s garden … they were lovely … thanks for reminding it is not too late to try these in my present garden. jan

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  5. A very tough and colourful plant.

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    • I use them in a fall window box along with pansies and I treat them as through ways or give then to my daughter for her flower beds after our first hard frost.
      Happy Gardening

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      • I have a potted chrysanthemum that my mother had hanging in her veranda. I brought it home when she died in 1982 and it still blooms for me every year. Imagine how tough those plants are to survive so long!

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        • Wow .. I had no idea mums live so long.
          Happy Gardening

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          • Neither did I! I guess the trick is not to let them freeze over the winter. I usually pull the pot (I have them in a pot on the deck) around the corner out of the worst of the weather and in really harsh times I put something loosely over the pot (plastic or burlap), and it survives the winters we have here on the coast. In your harsher winters you’d probably have to bring them into a porch or “not totally dark” garage for the winter.


  6. In my experience they are strictly annuals up here at the 51st parallel. I have never had one survive our brutal winters. In fact I don’t recall even seeing them at all, beyond maybe in a formal arrangement in a floral shop, until I began traveling south in the winter.

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  7. Have always loved them 🙂

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