Grandson’s DIY House Project, July Update

Grandson’s home/hand built house is now dried in. Walls, roof sheeting, windows and doors are in place. Roof, window, door and corner flashing were completed this weekend. Now begins the long and costly process of interior framing, installation of plumbing and routing electrical wiring to wall plugs and lighting. Wall and ceiling insulating (fiberglass R19) will soon follow.

A few isolated thunderstorms have passed over southwest Oklahoma in the past few day’s but in my little corner of SW OK I recorded just over 1/2 inch of rain. Not very helpful, but, it’s better than nothing. So hose watering trees and vines continue.

I must be getting old, when I hear the popping sounds of fireworks my first thought is to set a sprinkler to wet grass neat my tiny home.
This year we have had enough spring and summer rains to produce a good amount of hay. That means that in most places pasture grass lands have been mowed and bailed for hay. Wheat has been harvested and fields plowed. This will be very helpful in limiting the spread of any accidental fires set by careless people discharging fireworks this July holiday.
Just to be on the safe side today I will mow grass and weeds very short around my tiny house, chicken coop and storage building and keep a water hose at the ready in the event a fire does breakout.

I’m not sure if this is good or bad news, but, a good number of city sponsored firework displays have been canceled due to funding short falls.

Happy and safe 4th holiday.

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7 responses to “Grandson’s DIY House Project, July Update

  1. We’ve had more rain in June than we’ve had in years !!! I’m in the Southeast, and along with the rain comes the humidity. Rain has been much needed … last year this time we were in severe drought. Surprisingly, though, I am finding some of my low growing ground covers are getting water logged and starting to die … WHO KNEW !! I’ve never had that problem before … but … I can truly never complain about rain. Thanks for sharing about your water/thunderstorm situations. jan

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  2. After recently having a fire close by, I share your concern about fireworks and sparks. It’s a very scary thing to see how quickly fire can spread. Stay safe, and happy Independence Day.

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  3. I prefer growing up, maturing, becoming wise rather than “getting old” haha. I agree lack of sufficient rain, tall grass, fire and sparks , careless people makes a cautious combination. Congratulations to your grandson on his home! Happy 4th to you.

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  4. Stay safe! You maybe need a great-grandson to enjoy the bangs and whistles with! Will


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