Handmade Home Project

north east house view

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Grandson’s handmade house project is off and running again this year after an infusion of cash received from his income tax refund check. Grandson’s house project is a multi-year project, but, in the end he will not have a 30 year home bank loan to deal with. This project is being bought and paid for as cash and time allows.

The plan. My original plan called for the concrete slab to be 51 feet 2 inches by 30 feet 2 inches. As with many concrete form-up jobs, things did not go by the original plan. The slab was actually closed to 50 foot 9 inches on one side and 50 foot 7 inches on the other. What the heck, what’s 5 or 7 inches one way or the other. Grin… to late to be overly concerned the concrete is poured and cured.

Concrete slab was poured and red iron steel frame up work was accomplished last summer(2016). Wall height is 10 feet from floor to the bottom of the roof sheeting with a 4 in 12 roof pitch. This year(2017) Wall sheeting, roof sheet, trim, windows and outside doors will be in place in another weekend or maybe two weekends.

southwest view of house Once dried in, grandson can work in a dry environment and begin interior framing of room walls and doors. Installing electrical wiring, plumbing for bathroom, washroom and kitchen.

Note: Carport project is on hold until son-n-law and grandson complete drying in the house project.

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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11 responses to “Handmade Home Project

  1. Wow! Common sense in a young one…rather rare these days. Good for him and I hope all goes well.

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  2. Our neighbor did this. He built his home in 2 years by working on it every day after work for two years and paying as he went. He did some trading to get the foundation work done. Free and clear home for life. Very smart.

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  3. I’m all for pay as you go.

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  4. Three things in life to avoid by any means necessary. Student loans and credit cards (unless paid off each month without fail) and mortgages. Well done.

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    • The truth is it won’t be as pretty as a 1/2 million dollar custom built home, but it will be paid for in full. You can live a lot better with a lot less income as you get older.
      Happy Gardening

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  5. Good on you! Real traditional homestead spirit lives on in USA!

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