May 21 – 28 ….. Post Storm ….. Week In Review

It’s the last week of May and we are seeing ‘real’ temperatures of 93 to 99 degrees and heat index is forecast to be 103 to 109 degrees in my tiny part of Oklahoma today and Sunday.

Garden, trees, bushes and vines are beginning the slow recovery from last weeks 100+ mph wind and hail storm. It is safe to say none of my plants are looking great.

The same storm was hard on my Hummingbirds. After the storm I only have about half as many Hummingbirds coming to my feeder. I can only guess what happened to the other Hummingbirds.

Bamboo was about 7 foot tall, but after the storm many of it’s canes had their tops broken off. I don’t think this years canes will grow any taller. Maybe next year it will succeed in reaching it’s mature height of around 20 – 25 feet tall.

Purple Martin’s have hatched and fledged. It won’t be many days and they will be self sufficient and leave their nest site.

Carport steel has been cut to length, bolt plates and support brackets are welded in place. Michelle L. has decided to paint all steel framing gloss black and covered with a dark green sheet metal to match her house roof sheet metal.

Duck and Goose. I am now the proud owner of a young duck and goose. Gave to me when the previous owners discovered how fast they grow and large they will be, Grin … Not House Pets. The duck is just starting to loose its down and growing it’s first feathers. The goose is still a few weeks from being feathered out. Grin.. I had forgotten how much water they drink and how fast feed goes from mouth to fertilizer.

Have a fun safe Memorial day weekend.

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13 responses to “May 21 – 28 ….. Post Storm ….. Week In Review

  1. Yes, after the storm farm-checks. We have just been in clouds/fog for three days. We have six ducks nesting currently. Soon, we shall be in a field of yellow ducklings. – Oscar

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  2. I’m in west London (Twickenham) I can’t imagine dealing with weather extremes such as yours. We have had dry, warm weather for a week when temperatures reached – wait for it… 27c (80f) If it carries on for another week, there’ll be drought warnings!

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    • Being more than 1,000 miles from our east or west coast we don’t benefit from the cooling and moderating effects of ocean temperatures and costal rains.
      Happy Gardening

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  3. I have raised both geese and ducks and I love the turn of phrase that you used.. “How fast feed goes from mouth to fertilizer.” So true! So true!

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  4. Can’t imagine trying to fight that heat! Lots of water, I guess.

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  5. Your Martins have fledged! Wow ours are still nest building here.

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    • Grin … The first wave of birds arrived about the 15th of March, so they have had more than 2 months to nest, lay, brood and fledge.
      Happy Gardening


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