Rain storms in Oklahoma

Oklahoma storm season has arrived.

Last night thunderstorms developed southwest of my tiny farm and moved across the area spawning several tornado’s one that moved across this area about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile northeast of here, we had a hard and fast 2 – 3/8 inch rain that dumped on us in less than 1 hours time and had a measured wind gust of 104 mph. 104 mph is not a typo error.

We lost power for some 6 or so hours. Elect folks said they had 50 or more utility poles broke off due to the hard wind event. To their credit by 6 AM this morning power had been restored to all but 85 homes and they should have electric service by mid morning.

We survived with very little storm damage.

National Weather Service(NWS) has forecast a repeat of last nights storms for late this afternoon and very likely again Saturday afternoon as well.


15 responses to “Rain storms in Oklahoma

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  2. Juanita Sumner

    that is why my dad moved to California from his hometown in Texas. When my sister tried living in Kansas, she lost two windshields to hailstones in one storm season, and was trapped on a washed out bridge while driving to work. She came running home to California after two years.

    Yeah, all we got here is earthquakes and Jerry “The Moonbeam” Brown.

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  3. That same storm was in the form of snow in northern Colorado. Very wet and heavy snow. Tons of trees and large limbs down. Sounds. Like you got the burnt

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    • Grin … ‘Your’ snow storm dumped a total of 3 – 7/8 inches of rain, hail up to the size of golf balls and we had a peak wind gust recorded at 104 mph.
      My grape vines, honeysuckles and new fig tree ar a sad looking. Hope thet will recover.
      Happy Gardening


  4. We have been watching those yellow-red zones on the weather maps. They are heading our way, but often break up with they hit the mountains to the west of us. We get “widely scattered” thundershowers w/ local down winds and heavy rain. A mile away, the road may be dry.

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  5. Glad to hear all was safe. I wish you and all those around you a protected day/night!

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    • Thank you.
      Thankfully it was mostly overcast today and we did not get much afternoon heating, thunderstorm is passing over now, it’s filled with a lot of cloud to ground lighting but little wind and no hail.
      Happy Gardening

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  6. Wow! You sure get extremes of weather.

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    • Yes… sometimes we do.
      Everyone gets to see mother nature up close at sometime in the year, whether it be spring thunderstorms, harsh winters hurricanes or earth quakes.
      Happy Gardening

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  7. We lived in Tulsa most of my life and now we’re in Greenwood AR – both in Tornado Alley. I’ve never actually SEEN a tornado, and I hope it stays that way. I’m glad you came through last night’s storm with little damage. I’ll be thinking of you tonight and hoping you dodge the bullet again.

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  8. For us an F4 is a once in 50 year event and we have only ever had a single record F5. Usually we get little spin down F0 or F1 that take out a few trees or knock holes in a roof. They still scare me. I have concluded these storms are part of what makes America great. Terrorists have nothing on what Mother Nature throws at Americans on a regular basis.


  9. So glad you were safe. I was watching on the radar as those storms moved and shuddering thinking about the good folks I met during my trip through that are facing these storms. We get them up here too and they are so scary. Here’s hoping they miss again today and tonight.

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    • Thanks for your good thoughts.
      I’m not whining about the weather, just like you or anyone else, the weather is what it is and we all learn to live with what is sent to us.
      Happy Gardening

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