Definition: Mothers day, Nine months after Fathers day

Hummingbird feeder update– New feeder arrived, took down old feeders and hung new feeder last Friday morning. Filled feeder with a fresh batch of sugar water (1 part sugar to 4 parts water, 2 cups water 1/2 cup sugar makes 1 pint feeder mix).
Hummingbirds seem happy with the new feeder and after 3 days, No Bees hanging around the feeder. Will buy more of this type feeders.

Today we hit 93 degrees F(33.9C). Spring rains are still staying 100+ miles north of my tiny garden moving east into Arkansas and Missouri. I’m still watering each tree and vine for 1 hour then moving on to the next plant. Sad smile… by the time I get all plants well watered it will be time to start the process over.

Daughters little 8 foot X 20 Foot garden space is filling up and looking really good. (Click photo to Zoom in).

Bamboo(year 2) and Cannas are doing well.
Cannas will soon be in full bloom and with luck Bamboo will reach it’s advertised height of 25 feet tall.

PS. Chiggers are active and doing well. 😦

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7 responses to “Definition: Mothers day, Nine months after Fathers day

  1. Wow that is hot. We are supposed to have below freezing temperatures and flurries tomorrow. I have a few more weeks before my bedding plant can go out. I start wilting at anything over 80F so I am glad to be north.

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    • 80% wow, perfect, not to hot nor is that to cold. But this week we will be closer to 90% or 95%, co much for spring, we have jumped into summer.
      Happy Gardening


  2. We are expecting temps to reach 90 degrees this week! Not only have I become a smorgasbord for chiggers – we here in TN are experiencing an outbreak of ticks AND a new disease along with them…I wear the right clothing when working in my yard/garden but these pests seem to find a way to breakfast, lunch and dinner! I hope you will get some rain and relief from the hot weather too soon – way too soon! Your daughter has a nice little garden. By the way, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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  3. Can’t believe how hot it is there!!!

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