Cheap Entertainment. Hummingbirds In The Garden.

Top Secret Manhattan Hummingbird Project.

Every year I tell myself I need to do more to attract Hummingbirds to the garden but fail to follow through.

(1). This year I have purchased 2 – Honeysuckle vines to plant near the area where I hang my feeders.
(2). I have ordered a different ‘style’ feeder. It makes claim to have bee guards on the feeding ports and is equipped with a perch so the birds can land and feed verses chasing a swing feeder in the wind in an attempt to feed.

Grin… I must be easily entertained.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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8 responses to “Cheap Entertainment. Hummingbirds In The Garden.

  1. I was just watching a hummingbird and a big bumblebee squaring off over our honeysuckle vines. The bee won! I hope your honeysuckle takes off – the scent is absolutely fabulous.

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    • Grin … yes, I often see one honey bee defend it’s feeder keeping Hummingbirds form feeding.
      Happy Gardening

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      • Hummer is very defensive of his “pink powderpuff tree” – it has only now got new leaves, the flower buds have not even formed, but he routinely chases other birds and butterflies away from that tree. Sometimes a butterfly will engage – I watch their aerial battles from my upstairs window. You’re right, it’s great entertainment, I’ve spent hours watching the little guys.


  2. When I lived in Houston, I put out feeders and attracted hummers during the part of the year they were in Houston. Now I live in the mountains of Central Mexico, and I have hummers without even making an effort.

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    • Lucky you. This area is mostly wheat farm land and grass pastures for cattle, so mostly the only flowers available for Hummingbirds are in home gardens and yards. It is an effort to attract them to my yard and feeders.
      Happy Gardening


  3. I have red hot pokers that attract them.

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