Figs and Grapes

The Brown Turkey fig tree and the Venus grape vine arrived and was planted yesterday. Temperature was OK, about 73 degrees F, but we had a 25 mph gusting to 30 mph wind all day. Warm weather and more than a week of 20+ mph wind have dried the soil. Digging the tree/vine holes was a chore with the soil so dry. At any rate I managed to get them planted and ran a slow flow of water for an hour on each new plant.

Wind permitting today I will put down 4 to 6 inches of wood chip mulch around the new planting to help control weeds and retain soil moisture.

Attracting bees to pollinate is or can be a problem in what is mostly wheat and grass pasture country. So I try to always buy self pollinating plants.

The grape trellis is now filled with 1- Flame, 1- Concord and 1- Venus seedless self pollinating grape vines. I’m not sure the dwarf Apple I transplanted will survive. If it dies next winter I will replace it with a semi-dwarf variety.

The native Pecan tree I dug and moved in to the orchard is only about 8 inches tall but it has leafed out and seems to happy with it’s new home.

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4 responses to “Figs and Grapes

  1. All but 3 of the Arbor Day sticks that I planted last year (about 15 in all) have opened leaves this year! Regarding pollinators, I have been reading about the benefits of planting prairie strips around or in crop fields (wheat, corn, soybeans…) While the grass oriented crops technically are wind pollenated, having strips of pairie flowers seems to benefit them all, as well as your figs and grapes. We benefit from nature by nurturing it, not elimiating it.

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    • Grin … whether gardening or farming you must carefully consider what kind of insects you will be attracting based on the selection of flowering plants. Some plants will attract insects that you can and should avoid inviting in to your garden.
      Happy Gardening

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  2. 73 degrees!!! Can you feel my envy?! We have 48!!!!

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