Two Thirds Of Cancers Not Caused By Lifestyle Or Enviroment

U.S. researchers said “two thirds of cancers are caused by random typos in DNA that occur as normal cells make copies of themselves”, a finding that helps explain why healthy individuals who do everything they can to avoid cancer are still stricken with the disease.
These cancers will occur no matter how perfect the environment.

The new findings are based on genetic sequencing and cancer studies from 69 countries around the world.
Although there was variation within specific cancers, overall, the researchers estimated that 66 percent of mutations in these cancers resulted from (DNA)copying errors, 29 percent were caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, and the remaining 5 percent were inherited.

Though most cancers are due to bad luck, people should not ignore sound public health advice that can help people avoid preventable cancers, including maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding environmental risk factors.

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