Don’t Water Your Garden And Orchard Weeds

Starting anew this spring.
I am attempting to make watering a few trees and grape vines easier on me yet insuring desirable plants get the maximum amount of water and undesirable weeds get a minimum amount of water.

Visiting my local farm store I found all the nifty parts to construct a ‘portable’ drip watering system.

Last summer I bought 2 new 50 foot water hoses. I got 2 – 50 foot hoses so I can disconnect at 50 feet to water chickens and a near by Maple tree without the need to drag 100 feet of hose behind me.

This spring I went to my local farm store and bought:
2 – brass quick disconnects – $4.99 (for 2 quick disconnects))
1 – brass ball shut off valve – $3.49
1 – mechanical water shut off timer – $9.99
* why is it everything cost $?.99 or ?.49 cents???

The layout:
Water shutoff timer is connected to freeze proof faucet. Attach water hose, use lots of duct tape to secure water host near the ground to the freeze proof faucet riser pipe. This should keep me or others from damaging the water timer by pulling on the hose and damaging the plastic parts of the timer.

Hose #1 attach to timer and attach quick disconnect ‘securely’ to other end of hose.
Hose #2 attach quick disconnects to female end and your ball valve shut off valve to the male end of your hose.

With this setup you can control your water supply and apply no more that about 5 gallons an hour directly at the base of your tree or grape vine. I plan on watering trees and vines once a week starting about the 1st of May through the end of September, maybe less if the mulch holds as much moisture as I am hoping it will. More control can be had by setting your timer to 15, 30 or 60 minutes before it automatically shuts of the water supply.

The pro’s 1. your don’t forget to check and shut off your faucet.
2. your hose is not setting in the hot summer sun under full water supply pressure, a real hose saver.
3. You are only watering your desirable plants and not your unwanted weeds.

The con’s, you will likely loose 1/4 to 1/3 faucet volume passing through the timer, quick disconnects and hose end ball valve. If you water by sprinkler this very well maybe a serious water flow reduction problem.

I have taken this one step further. My good neighbor delivered free of charge about 4 yards of wood chips. I am in the process of putting down a 4 foot circle of wood chips 6-8 inches deep around each tree and grape vine. Wood chips will help keep the soil cooled in out hot dry summer weather. It conserves soil moisture and is helpful in controlling unwanted weeds near the base of trees and vines.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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6 responses to “Don’t Water Your Garden And Orchard Weeds

  1. Great information. I have been traipsing around my yard with hoses to water fruit trees. Fortunately, recent rains have drenched everything but the weeds have benefitted the most. Gardening is therapy for my engineering job; thanks for sharing


  2. I do drip irrigation for my tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers–I lay out the hose before I plant, and just drop a plant at each dripper. Cover the hose with grass clipping mulch, and all that water goes right to the roots of my plants. No timer, though. The only ones I’ve seen require electricity, and my garden’s too far out on the property.

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    • 10 years or so back I put in a drip system. However, black plastic lines under ground were chewed up by gophers and the above ground lines were attack by rabbits and sometimes rats.
      If I had a lot of trees and vines I would invest in steel or copper piping, but for my small vineyard and orchard I have elected for dragging a hose from point to point.
      I have/had 2 – battery operated electronic water timers that have worked well for me, son-n-law now uses them on his garden.
      Happy gardening

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  3. I noticed you had the note about ?.99 or ?.49. Anyway, I do not know if it applies to the US, but I heard somewhere that .99 is usually full price, .97 means stock will gradually go down in price and things like .49 should be at their lowest price leading to change of stock (suppliers, models, whatnot) or not restocked once it runs out.


  4. Excellent. I’m going to show this to Ernie. This is just the kind of thing he’s been wanting to do. Thanks.

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