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I reside in USDA zone 7. My last average last frost date is about the 10th of April.
Armed with that trivial information and my nifty little computer generated calender, I have determined that it’s only 61 days until it’s relative safe to plant frost sensitive vegetables.

Fruit trees are breaking bud and will be in full bloom in a week or so. Ornamental shrubs, trees and spring flowering plants will soon burst into full bloom.

Guess what gang. Stores that sell things like vegetable seed and seedlings, things like tomato’s, peppers, onion sets, potato sets are putting out displays of nice looking seedlings for gardeners that don’t have a clue about last frost dates and those that truly believe that because we have had a week of frost free weather, winter has come to an end.

Gardeners thinking with their eyes and an over whelming desire to plant this years vegetable garden will invest a lot of money in seed and seedlings. In a week or so weather will return to it’s normal temperatures, seed will fail to germinate because the soil is to cool for most seed to germinate and seedlings will be killed when temperatures fall below 32%(0% C) for several hours or even several days.

Don’t fall for mother natures winter tricks.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Town & Country – Farm & Ranch Stores

  1. So true! We had sunny and warmish weather one week and a foot of snow the next!


  2. *sigh* last frost where I garden is early June. Of course since the sun rises by 4:00am and doesn’t set until about 10:00pm we get a lot of sunshine so once things start growing they REALLY grow which mostly makes up for it. All I can do at this point is drool over my seed catalogue and wait. We have been trying to add fruit each year and this year I bought two northern hardy apricot bushes. The nursery won’t ship them until the weather is all clear which is going to be a few more months yet.


  3. Thanks for the reminder. I’m like a kid at Christmas, wanting to plant. I’m trying to grown celery on the window sill and some spinach seeds inside, instead.

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    • Grin… I pruned my grape vines yesterday and saved 5 nice cutting in an attempt to root 1. I still need one more grape vine on my trellis.
      Happy Gardening


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