Blogoutist – that’s a real word ?

Looking back to June 2009, my first wordpress blog post(see archives) it seems that at one time or another I have touched on subjects ranging from growing Asparagus to Zucchini. Raising assorted poultry, building coops as well as a few post about Rabbits and building hutches. I have managed to touch on growing and planting berries, fruit and nut trees (search blog to see post that may be of interest to you).

As of late what with all the presidential election stuff, I have fallen far behind my mental plan for 2017 gardening season.

That poor little miniature Apple tree that was to be transplanted into it’s garden spot, November 2016 was the target date, is still setting in it’s large patio pot.

My planned concrete floor for the chicken house has not gone beyond the vision in my mind, target date 15 September 2016.

The large pile of chipped trees to be used as mulch around the grape vines, target date 24 November 2016, is still waiting to be spread.

Chicken update. The Good: Early September 2016 I purchased 11 chicks. The Bad: Well… one died in a wind blown coop door accident, 4 roosters leaving 6 pullets. The Good: The pullets have started to lay and I’m getting 5 some days 6 eggs a day. The Bad: Mmmm … just how many eggs can one old guy and 2 old dogs eat?

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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7 responses to “Blogoutist – that’s a real word ?

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  2. In California we are having dumping storms, probably headed your way.

    As for too many eggs, you might want to make some rice pudding. The dogs would like boiled eggs, which keep longer in the fridge. And are very convenient for a quick snack for the peoples too.

    Remember deviled eggs? Those are a little bit of trouble but if you have the grand kids over you will not be able to turn around twice before they are gone. My grandma used to complain about that, with a huge grin on her face.

    Well, six more weeks of Winter, you will be able to get the rest of your chores done! Thanks for the great post, I always enjoy reading what you are up to.

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    • I hope your storms don’t put things under water.
      Happy Gardening

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      • Juanita Sumner

        I should not complain, after a few years of drought – not sure, which is worse, too much water, or none. But we have the biggest snow pack we’ve had in years, when the rain hits that snow later this Spring, there will be a lot of flooding. That’s California – drought and flood, drought and flood! Yeeeeeee-haw! It’s like bull riding, don’t let go, whatever you do, don’t let go!


  3. Give/sell your extra eggs to neighbors and coworkers! I’m sure they’d love them.


  4. February is the new September 😉

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