Perennial Vegetables: Plant Once, Harvest for Many Seasons. ©

Cuccuzi, Edible gourd, aka yard long bean Spring is on its way and my thoughts have turned toward my garden.  This post is not meant to be all-encompassing regarding perennial vegetables as so much…

Source: Perennial Vegetables: Plant Once, Harvest for Many Seasons. ©


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  1. William J Sweeney Jr.

    Northern exposure be damned! Even in NorthEast Pa. a guy can have his Snow and Peppers too. Gardening just kind of GREW on me. A non-working workaholic can get into a lot of trouble if his mind is not kept busy. But not a lazy slob like me.. HA! lol That was a joke… Anyway, the past few years I began to garden because I had always wanted to and now I had plenty of time. I move real slow so it is a safe bet that if I can grow what I grow a “NORMAL” person of the busiest type CAN grow at least one tomato plant. And, well, yeah…
    So, my wife, kids, neighbours and friends cultivated a small section of my yard on the side of the house, 16’x7′. I started some seeds in a Jiffy Pod seed starter kit and boom I had a beautiful garden of tomatoes, Zukes, and even got 1 small sugar baby watermelon. I was hooked. It is a real GOD like feeling… I had to expand but cultivation was too hard for me. That is when i began to “HOLE POP” It is exactly what it says. I take the spade shovel and put a 12″ diameter hole in the lawn and dig it out at least 12″ deep and i really loosen up the soil on the sides. Once the hole is popped. Sitting next to it to prepare it is simple. They even have augers that can attach right to a battery operated drill. So right there in the middle of your lawn you now have a mini garden cultivated by a cripple. No offense meant, I am what I am, so I do what I can do, and that is just about anything if you give me the time… Now I usually admire my thick grass… Okay, I check out the dirt and usually add some peat to loosen it for root development. I may put a layer of some small drain rocks and a padding of straw on the bottom of the hole. I usually add a fresh caught panfish IF. I also usually go deeper than the 12″ called for. I fill the hole back in and I may toss in a lil compost or slow release organic fertilizer. NOT TOO MUCH. Now I put down my plant protector which is a minimum 8″ plastic ring made of drain pipe or a garden edge that can fold and lock to itself. About $2 at Home Depot. I lay down a 20″x20″ mulch blanket and push the ring down into the ground until it is at grass level. I cut an x in the center and plant my plants. On the outside i dress the area as best I can so make this obnoxious hole in the lawn not so much of an eyesore as we await the plant to grow, Last year I had so many seedlings left and no heart to toss them on the compost pile. I hole popped… THEN I discovered that peppers I was growing are perennials, Trinidad Scorpion and Ghost… So winter set in and I had the fall to clean and save seeds… Was it really over? I use cannabis from time to time and figured that I’d give it a shot. I was told it is as easy as growing tomatoes and as hard as growing HOT PEPPERS. being the seeds are so damn expensive, $10 and up. I decided to do hot peppers first. I was told It would be hard to germinate and can take up to 100 days. So, I over loaded the seeds and I planted early… Now mid Jan and I have 95% survival rate. I can not bring myself to cull, thin or kill. So now I have about 72 Trinidad scorpion and ghost peppers. I have 6 Sweet basil plants and 1 serving size of lettuce. The lettuce gets eaten for lunch TODAY!. Yesterday my first 2 spinach plants popped… But the peppers what am i to do???? I already did their 3rd transplant! but after 6″ they shall need yet another, maybe.. Maybe i can reduce light, maybe I can bring the big ones upstairs and put in bigger pots to keep as house plants?? Yes, yes, but 72??? no , no… If you want any plants just email i am so sorry for writing so long… These winter days with no adults around to keep my mind occupied… Yep, seriously, if you want some beautiful pepper plants just e-mail me. i will figure out how to send them… lol


  2. Cuccuzi? Now I’m curious 😀


  3. You do need a decent climate to grow a lot of these things.

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