Better Health Through Better Eating

40 Reasons to Eat More Beans
Beans are tasty as well as good for your overall health.
Reduced Colon Cancer Risk
Lower Heart Disease Risk
Reduced Diabetes Risk
Excellent Meat Alternative
Reduced Water Retention
Low Calories
Low Sugar
Weight Loss
Increased Antioxidant Levels
Reduced Lymphoma Risk
Reduced Parkinson’s Risk
Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk
Improved HDL Cholesterol
Increased Omega-3 Intake
Reduced Anemia Symptoms
Reduced Obesity Risk
Lower Blood Pressure
Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?
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4 responses to “Better Health Through Better Eating

  1. William J Sweeney Jr.

    Ice Cream? Can someone help me plant an ice cream tree?? ……And I’m awake…
    My last vice… As I speed to the benchmark of a MAN’S biggest birthday, “THE BIG FIVE-O” the taste of death grows stronger in my mouth or maybe that’s just the halitosis, No matter…. Somehow watching what i eat has become almost 2nd nature wit Ice cream really being my only folly… This change was surreal. As i learned about what I was eating and how it got to my plate my brain just switched to wanting the proper foods in me. Now I can barely even afford to eat.. So, I grow what i need… Chicken eggs from a neighbor and the occasional chicken also. BEST FRIED CHICKEN EVER! My milk cost more but it comes fresh squeezed, lol. My family thinks its disgusting. Think about that!??? Right? How brainwashed are we??? So, I am eating better and all it took was 3 years of gardening to get me on a Hunter gatherer diet. I now keep all of my fish and MAY begin hunting again. Anyway, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! I believe diet is the cure all to disease.


  2. Toast some bread, cut it into chunks and toss with olive oil, then mix in some beans and maybe some arugula or spinach – my seven year old son’s favorite meal.

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