Quark: a cheese adventure

Quark cheese is kind-a sort-a like cottage cheese. Easy to make and delicious to eat.

Gardener's Kitchen

Never fear, I am not talking about the elementary particle here (though those are known to have “flavors”…). Quark is simply the easiest cheese you can make. A mild, unsalted white cheese that is denser than yogurt, slightly tangy, and richly creamy, it is wonderful as a spread on hearty bread drizzled with a little honey or quince jelly. Traditional recipes that use Quark as an ingredient also include German cheese cake, fruit quark, and herb quark dip.

I grew up eating Quark in Germany, where it is a staple. A few disappointing trips to a local European deli (quark was not meant to be frozen for a year before selling) motivated me to start looking into making quark myself. Fortunately, it is even easier to make than yogurt, as the cultures involved are mesophilic (i.e. they work at room temperature). Since it also tastes better than any purchased Quark…

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