Health tips that may be not be that beneficial

’12 healthy habits’ you’re better off giving up
Using a standing desk A recent long term study looking at data on nearly 4,000 US adults found no benefit in terms of overall risk of dying from standing as opposed to sitting.
In the short term, however, standing does burn more calories per minute, so if losing weight is all you’re worried about, keep standing!

Avoiding gluten Unless you’re one of the 1% of Americans who suffer from celiac disease, gluten probably won’t have a negative effect on you. In fact, studies show that most people suffer from slight bloating and gas when they eat, whether they consume wheat or not. So go ahead and eat that bagel and baguette.

Drinking almond milk. Alternatives to dairy milk have been surging in popularity in the last few years, chief among them almond milk. Yet almond milk is practically devoid of nutrients.
By themselves, almonds are protein powerhouses. But a typical glass of almond milk, by volume, is just about 2% almonds and contains almost no protein. And all the vitamins inside are added. So if you’re looking for a truly healthy alternative, opt for skim, or low-fat milk.

Juicing. When you juice fresh fruits and veggies, you remove all of their fiber, the key ingredient that keeps you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.
What you keep is the sugar. In the short term, a high-sugar, low protein diet means constant hunger pangs, mood swings, and low energy. In the long term, you can lose muscle mass since muscles rely on protein.

Microwave. Rumors about how “nuking” foods robs them of their nutrients. Fortunately for most of us, this is entirely false. Microwave ovens cook food using energy waves. The waves cause the molecules in food to vibrate quickly, building up their energy as heat.
Of course, some nutrients begin to disintegrate when heated, whether it’s from a microwave, a stove, or something else. But since microwave cooking times are typically much shorter than oven cooking times, microwaving something often does a better job of keeping its vitamins intact than other cooking methods.

Hand sanitizer. If you wash your hands regularly throughout the day, hand sanitizer is unnecessary. Plus, it can’t kill all the germs that plain old soap and water can.
Norovirus and C. difficile, for example, are immune to sanitizing gels.

Avoiding MSG. Monosodium glutamate is an ingredient added to many foods to enhance their flavor. It’s completely safe to ingest.
MSG is often associated with a series of symptoms, from numbness at the base of the neck to a general sense of fatigue, that are commonly lumped together and called ” Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.”
Eating too much is the more likely culprit here, not eating MSG.

Detox diet. No one needs to detox. Unless you’ve been poisoned, you already have a super efficient system for filtering out most of the harmful substances you eat. It’s made up of two toxin bashing organs, the liver and the kidneys.
While our kidneys filter our blood and remove any waste from our diet, our livers process medications and detoxify any chemicals we ingest. Paired together, these organs make our bodies natural cleansing powerhouses.


6 responses to “Health tips that may be not be that beneficial

  1. Good that I don’t subscribe to any of those health tips anyway.


  2. As usual great information!


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    Common sense for many seasons to come.

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  4. I really appreciate the common sense here. Thank you! There are too many of us following the flickers of rumor instead of researching what actually works to sustain health.

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