Home Brewed Wine

2016-10-31-15_05_44-comedy-wildlife-photo-awards-on-instagram_-oh-what-have-i-done-photographycNo more homemade wine for me!

12 responses to “Home Brewed Wine

  1. That was great! Not gray. No I haven’t been in my wine!

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  2. I didn’t drink much of mine but it made gray Christmas gifts. Blueberry was the best but my ginger Meade was a really good sweet wine.

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  3. I still love to make the stuff even if I have had this look before… Happy Halloween and All Saints day to you


  4. We have to be carefull with our homemade wine, very subtle flavour but will blow your head off lol

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  5. Maurice Billingsley

    My Dad could never wait to sample his brews. 2 years after he died, his family sampled the remains before pouring them away. They were surprisingly drinkable. Talk about saving the best till last!

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  6. LOL It can be powerful stuff!

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