Blackberries – easy to grow in your home garden

Now is a good time to start preparing your berry patch site for early spring planting.

Blackberries are considered one of the easiest fruits to grow at home. They are a native species to the United States and grow as a small shrub or trailing vine. Berries from this plant are excellent for fresh table fruit, syrup, jams and jelly.

Site Selection for your Blackberry patch.
* Light requirements: Full Sun
* Soil: Blackberries prefer acidic to basic Ph(6.0-7.0), soil should be a well drained organic soil. They adapt to most soil types except alkaline and wet. If you have clay soil, you should amend your soil with organic matter. To increase the soil’s organic content, amend with mulch wet peat moss, well aged sawdust, straw or leaf litter.
* Blackberries are self pollinating and hardy in zones 4-9.

Blackberries tend to form thickets and are vigorously rooted. Locate the plants where you can control “volunteers.” Blackberries have long roots and can send up suckers many feet from the parent plant. Leave room to mow around the beds.

Generally speaking T-trellis Support is recommended.

Annual Pruning after the first year. Use hand held clippers when pruning. First year erect canes should be left unpruned. Second year canes should be pruned back to 40″-48″. Pruning encourages lateral branching and increases cane strength, so they don’t fall over in snow and wind. Pruning should be done early in the growing season to decrease wounds that cause cane blight. Lateral branches should be cut back to 12″-18″.

During the second year, remove dead, damaged, weak and rubbing canes. You should thin out healthy canes closer than 6″ apart. Any pruned or removed canes should be disposed to eliminate the spread of disease and insects.

Oklahoma Gardening Video planting blackberries.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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4 responses to “Blackberries – easy to grow in your home garden

  1. They are everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. This year they’re especially big and sweet and prolific. The thorns are something else though! I bought a thornless blackberry plant last year and it has berries for the first time. They are even sweeter than the wild ones and NO thorns. I’ll still get the bulk of my blackberries from the wild patch for now but I’ll be promoting the growth of the thornless ones.

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    • When I lived in Oregon, west of Salem, blackberry thickets were every where. Locals considered them to be invasive and unwanted and spared no expense to remove them.

      Happy berry cobble cooking

      Liked by 1 person

      • They are still listed on the invasive plants list but the fanatics who go around “righting the world” go after the Scotch broom instead. They leave the blackberries alone because it’s too prickly.


  2. one of my favorite foods


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