Planning The Garden Plan A Plan B

Plan A, October 2015, move dead garden plants to compost pile. Store away for the winter water hoses, garden tools, tomato cages etc. Put down and till in compost. Put the garden to bed for the winter.

March 2016 I went in to the garden, first time I had looked at it since September 2015. Nothing had been cleaned up or put away for winter. No compost, nothing had been tilled.

Being the take charge kind of guy I am, I went back to the house and drank coffee until May 15, changing over to ice tea. July 19 I looked at the garden again.
I wonder where I planted those 2 grape vines. I can’t see them anywhere. I guess I better find them before tackling my weed and grass patch with a riding mower… A brush hog might be a better choice.

Plan B, Located and marked the grape vines. Poor little things, they didn’t have a chance competing for sun, water and nutrients with 4 foot tall weeds and grass.

Borrowed by son-n-laws whizz bang zero turn mower. Bad idea. I took out 2 T-post 3 feet of garden fence before I began to get the hang of steering that demon possessed mower.

Grass and weeds have been mowed. Garden fence taken down and T-post removed and stored safely out of my sight.

Grape vine trellis is in place ready to be installed.

If my garden doesn’t kill me, I’ll update when the trellis is up and vines are tied.

Down the road in September I have a red delicious apple dwarf tree purchased last fall, it’s still living in a large patio pot as well as 2 golden delicious semi-dwarf and 2 colette pear, semi-dwarf trees will arrive and be planted in my former cucumber patch.
FYI these are coming from Stark Bro’s nurseries.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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8 responses to “Planning The Garden Plan A Plan B

  1. I’m laughing. I stay away from demon possessed mowers, or most tools with engines that growel like demons. On the other hand, our garden plants seem possessed too. I’m eyeing that poke-weed that is nearly as tall as the 15 foot Japanese Maple which it is about to over-take. Will loppers, axe, or tree saw be the tools to fell it?

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  2. Sounds like some of my garden shenanigans! Try to improve a little each year though. Fighting extreme heat this year.

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    • Grin … at 70 I don’t have the energy or ambition for much of a garden. I’m converting my old garden spot into a small orchard, 3 apples, 2 pears and 2 grape vines for now. Maybe a couple of figs next spring.

      Mean while I think my vegetable garden will be tomato’s, cucumbers, sweet corn and squash.

      Happy Gardening

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  3. That makes me feel better. But I don’t believe half of it. I’m sure your garden looks great!

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