Thump, Thump Is My Watermelon Ripe?

when is it ripeOne of the best places to buy a watermelon is from your local farmer’s market or fruit stand. Fruits like watermelon are picked when ripe, unlike those found in supermarkets. Watermelons sold in commercial grocery stores are often picked early,so they can ripen while being transported.

Check under the melon, if it has a yellow or light bottom, it should be ripe. If it’s stripes are found all around the melon, pass on it. It’s just not ready yet.

You may see people at the market tapping on watermelon. What exactly are they listening for? They are checking for signs of hollowness. It is sounds hollow, its ripe. Not hollow, unripe.

Look for a heavy melon. Watermelons are made up of mostly water, so an ideal melon should be heavy for its size.

Video – how to tell if a Watermelon is ripe
Video – how to tell if a Watermelon is ripe
Video Cantaloupe – When is it ripe?
Video Honeydew Melon – When is it ripe?

It’s summertime, It’s hot, It’s time for a cold slice of melon.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

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4 responses to “Thump, Thump Is My Watermelon Ripe?

  1. I learned to thump and listen to the sound of a watermelon from my great-aunt when I was about 5 years old. I still can pick them and remember some of the things about her garden. I loved helping her when I got the opportunity. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

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  2. In England: it’s summertime (by the calendar), it’s not hot, but it’s time for strawberries all the same!


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