Will A Robot Take Your Job?

Beware you may be replaced by advances in technology.
Robots can make cars, detect cracks in jet engines. They can pick fruit, fertilize fields, pollinate flowers, buy and sell shares, serve pizza and stock store shelves.
Electronic banking and smartphones are replacing food order takers and cashiers at an alarming pace.

A 2013 report by Oxford University academics warned that 47 per cent of jobs in the US are at risk of automation over the next 20 years.

The truth is that robots have certain strengths. They’re very, very good at tasks that can be repeated and mastered, whether they involve physical or computational labor. Once they’ve learned to stack a shelf or navigate a car (bus, truck, or plane, or hospital ), they never lose the ability.

More than that, they never get sick, or need breaks, or go on strike, or have a bad attitude. They never insult a customer. That’s one of the reasons why Foxconn, the electronics giant which manufactures iPhones and PlayStations and Kindles and pretty much every other gadget with which we fill our homes, is investing heavily in robotics.

The ultimate goal is what’s known as “the dark factory” one in which you don’t even need to turn on the lights, because robots work efficiently in total darkness and there aren’t any humans that require lighting.

Robots are also very good at things that involve information. Where thousands are used to catalog tax returns, much of that work can now be automated. No human needed.

Leo, a robot is currently being tested at Geneva Airport, it can collect baggage from airline passengers and check it in for them. Leo the check-in assistant can weigh baggage, print baggage tags, and transport your suitcases. It’s programmed to avoid obstacles and passengers in busy airports.

Robots are journalist, simple formulaic stories such as financial reports, earthquake alerts or even summaries of football matches are increasingly being produced by computers.
Now newly developed algorithms can analyze existing creative content, in whatever format, and churn out more of the same giving us new piano fugues that sound like Bach’s, or paintings that look like Rembrandt’s.

A robt doctor equipped with the appropriate medical database, as well as tools to monitor heart rate, breathing patterns, and blood flow, may soon be your primary care giver.
Last month, a robot carried out surgery without human intervention for the very first time, stitching together the intestines of a pig.

Researchers from the OECD carried out an analysis of robots’ impact on the labor market.
Self driving cars, buses, trains and street cars promise to give us back hours of our lives spent stuck in traffic.

Professions that will almost certainly be automated
Hospital admitting staff
Bookkeepers / Accountants
On-line Order processors and Shippers
Taxi, Buss, Train drivers
Loan officers
Bank tellers
Credit analysts
Office clerks
Legal secretaries
Real estate agents
Fast food workers
Manufacturing / Assembly line workers
Farm labors

Welcome to the Twenty First century.

Automation is not science fiction, it’s a fact.
Robotics are here and are here to stay.
A fact that the youth in their teens, the 20 and 30 something labor force must come to terms with and prepare for. It is more critical than ever to make the correct choices when choosing higher education courses. When choosing a profession that will last your lift time.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Will A Robot Take Your Job?

  1. Very interesting post ‘n info.

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  2. This is why I am trying to teach my kids robotics and programming. Both should be quite useful going forward.

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