Wendy’s now hiring – Humans need not apply

Wendy’s old-fashioned hamburgers chain throws a wrench in the $15.00 dollar and hour minimum wage plan being pushed by many cities and states.

Wendy’s, one of the world’s largest fast food chains, says it will replace human employees with automated self-service kiosks in many of its approximately 6,500 restaurants. According to Wendy’s CTO Todd Penegor, the plan is an effort to counteract minimum wage hikes.

Some Wendy’s franchises have raised food prices to combat wage increases, but, kiosk adoption could allow franchises to keep pricing consistent despite increases in minimum wage. Wendy’s has 258 restaurants in California, which has raised the minimum wage to $10 an hour and will be increasing it to $15 by 2020.

McDonalds has also been testing digital kiosks at a few of its restaurants.

CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, Andy Puzder, has also expressed interest in replacing staff with machines since he says the government is making it harder for him to hire employees.

McDonalds and all of Yum Brand’s companies — KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell have apps that allow ordering.

Liberal democrats have once again misjudged American business response to government ‘Forced’ policies that have doubled the cost of labor.


8 responses to “Wendy’s now hiring – Humans need not apply

  1. Do they serve food at these places? Been a while since I was young and foolish enough to go to such a place believing that I would get something delicious and nutrious. Oh, wait a minute, didn’t they use to call these Automats? I also do not buy food at the same location I purchase gas for my vehicle. Thus, we garden, right?

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    • My understanding is there will be ‘Ordering stations where you select your meal/drink, swipe your credit/debit card or you can pay in cash. Order is sent to the kitchen and when your order is ready it is delivered to your table.
      Several companies have stated that they plan to reduce employees by 50 to 75 percent within the next 5 years.
      So much for entry level ‘teenager’ type jobs.

      Happy Gardening


      • The question then is whether the customer wants the interaction with a personn to order food. I have heard that some places allow you to order via cell phone, rather than having to go up to a counter, or wait for staff to come to your table to ask what you want. Some folks seen to see this as a good deal, in that their first interaction wtih staff is when their drinks & appetizers arrive at the table right away. This also turns over tables faster, thus allows more customers to be served faster, and more profits to be generated faster. The questions is, is eating in the USA more about how quickly we consume, or the quality of the experience we have at the restaurant? Or, what is our relationship to people and nutrition. Keep weeding the garden. 🙂

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        • I may not have this right, but, I think this will be just like in the 70’s when Full Service gas stations went to Self Service to cut cost and stay price competitive. At first everyone will hate it, but in a year or so we will forget that we once spoke to a real live counter clerk.
          For many, ‘Fast’ is their primary goal.

          Grin the up side is a self service ordering station never comes to work with a bad attitude, comes to work late or writes crappie messages on your receipt.

          Happy gardening


  2. Jack in the box is a west coast fast food chain that has also experimented with ordering kiosks.


  3. I think the problem with our government is that they don’t do any work and everyone knows that if you’re idle, you’re going to cause trouble.

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