May 8 – 13 In Review

Homeless would rather go hungry than eat vegan.
The health conscious menu served at a homeless shelter wasn’t appreciated by some of the homeless patrons. Some said that they need to eat meat, and would return to the streets if they were fed vegan food.

I Say “close the kitchen” for a week or two, maybe after missing a few ‘Free meals’ maybe just maybe those fat ungrateful free loaders will like vegetables after they miss a few free lunches!

I have had storms, some severe rolling through well after dark 4 day this week. Winds to 70 MPH and 4 miles north of my tiny farm the town of Geronimo had 3 inch hail, 75 MPH winds causing a lot of roof damage broken windows and trees broken up by wind and hail.

Last month I salvaged the bed off of an old 29 year old pickup truck turning it into a trailer by a constructing a tongue and jack stand. Of course the first time son-n-law used the trailer the tailgate would not open. I had to purchase a #4 phillips screw driver to disassemble the tailgate, adjust the latch assemble and oil all the moving parts. Grin… I’m sure that was the first time in 10 years the tailgate had been opened.

I have been on a spring cleaning binge. Loading pile after pile of trash, junk and I can’t figure out where all that old fence wire came from. Anyway, a riding mower can now safely mow around the house, chicken house/pen and storage shed.

Wife 1.0, here after known as Attila the Hun, has had problems of night crawlers(criminals) attempting to break in to her storage building. So not wanting to offend Attila, I am in the process of building bugler bars to cover storage shed windows.
To make it easy on myself the bugler bars are constructed out of 1 inch and 3/4 inch 16 gauge square tubing and will be attached using four 1/4 inch X 3 inch lag bolts.

As a plus to this weeks events, I have started harvesting radishes from my pouch container.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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16 responses to “May 8 – 13 In Review

  1. For anyone that disagrees with you – ask them to work at a Housing Authority or Social Services office for 1 year! I guarantee they will change their mind – – – I went into the job thinking/believing I was going to help people that really need it…WRONG…about 1 in 50 truly needs the help..the rest just know how to “play the system”…sad but too true!

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  2. One story doesn’t make an epidemic!

    At the same time, it is fair to say that genuinely hungry people wouldn’t reject vegan food and I agree if people are being kind it’s really not on to criticise the offerings.

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    • Big Smile … I had no intent to say or indicate this is some kind of epidemic. But it is an indication on how ‘some people’ truly believe that society owes them.
      Many disadvantaged believe Free food, housing, medical care is their god given right and they need do nothing that benefits society to collect these ‘gifts’ freely given by kind had working, concerned tax payers..

      Some time in the past 50 years America has and is still turning to social welfare, redistribution of wealth goods and services to the lower working class as the norm.
      In my view this type of thinking is detrimental to American society as a whole.

      Bottom line for me is, you are entitled to no more than that you work for.
      Many self entitled people are sucking up benefits from American welfare system. They have made it a career, a life long effort not to lift a hand in the labor market or to be a productive member of society.

      Happy Gardening and Fair Weather


  3. Hmmm… seems apt: beggars can’t be choosers. Or some variation on that adage.

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  4. You sound very busy, just like most of us at this time of year.

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  5. I was concerned reading about storms in OK; glad to read that you are – OK. Will.


  6. Rather starve that eat meat!

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    • Makes me wonder if these people are ‘Really’ hungry or just free loading on the kindness of people or sponging off working tax payers.
      Happy gardening


  7. I’m not sure about closing the homeless shelter, but I am with you on that binge cleaning! Love your blog!

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    • In my view it is a sign of our times. Free food is no longer good enough for those no doing so well.
      Happy Gardening


      • I’ll be so glad when tornado season is over, even though I have seen them in December. We adjust but such a sadness for the loss of life, homes and livelihoods.


        • Smiling … at least in my little part of Oklahoma June 1 marks the end of tornado season.
          Good luck and Happy gardening


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