Birds Of A Feather – Don’t Flock Together

At the end of March I had 6 pair of Purple Martins hanging around my new martin House and about the same number of Hummingbirds visiting my feeders. Then we had 3 or 4 days of cool rainy days and winds gusting to 60+ mph and all but 1 Hummingbird and 1 pair of Martins moved on to a more hospitable home site.

I have one lone Hummingbird coming to my feeders now. O-where have all the Hummingbirds gone? It seems that I now have only one pair of Martins nesting here this year. That’s the way it go’s some years. Maybe I have better luck next season.

serveimage WX guy is still saying we may be in for some severe thunder storms late this afternoon, but the good news is that as of this morning it looks like I will be on the west edge of the severe storm area. They say that some areas may see 80 mph winds and hail the size of softballs! Grin… one hailstone that size will demolish my new Martin house.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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One response to “Birds Of A Feather – Don’t Flock Together

  1. I think severe weather is hard on the birds.


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