Weather – Spring Time In Southwest Oklahoma

It’s the season for thunder storms, tornado’s, hail and high winds. April and May are our main severe storm months. Of course as with any location, severe storms can and do occur in all seasons.

My Weather guy’s are forecasting today and again Tuesday the likely hood of severe storms developing in my tiny corner of Oklahoma.

On the up side, I have wheel borrowed in a few loads of crushed rock in an attempt to keep my chickens feet dry. Last week we received over 6 inches of rain and this flooded my hen house.



7 day

Hang on to your hat and keep your feet dry.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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4 responses to “Weather – Spring Time In Southwest Oklahoma

  1. Clearly we learn to live with our local climactic conditions, but I have to say that since moving away from the Midwest when I was much younger, this is one aspect I don’t miss.


  2. I’m feeling your pain. Made last minute preparations in cellar. Cleared out to allow family and some neighbors who may drop in. I love Oklahoma but spring is a double edge sword.

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    • Keep an eye on the sky and an ear to weather radio / TV reports.

      Eastern 1/2 of OK is setting up for possible super severe weather Tuesday afternoon, evening and into night time.

      Be save and Happy Gardening

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  3. So good of you to keep your chickens’ feet dry.

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