Cicadas – May Exceed 1.5 Million Per-Acre

17 year cicada There are over 190 varieties of cicada in North America, however this year will be dominated by the 17 year cicada.

As temperatures warm, billions of cicadas will begin to emerge from the ground as their internal clocks hit the 17-year mark. Soon, their numbers will swell in locations in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia and West Virginia.

The bugs will be so numerous that their density can hit 1.5 million critters per acre.

The black and orange bugs won’t emerge until the soil hits 64 degrees. After breeding the females lay their eggs, nymphs that hatch from them eventually make their way underground where, like their parents, they will stay for another 17 years.

The cicadas in this 17 year group are called Brood V, and are actually comprised of three different species.
Other cicada species follow a 13 year cycle, or an annual cycle.

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10 responses to “Cicadas – May Exceed 1.5 Million Per-Acre

  1. I wasn’t born the last time the cicadas were here, but my older brother made a bookmark out of cicada wings and I heard stories of cicadas getting in the car when the door was opened and then the fun began as the driver (my mother) felt it on her leg 🙂

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  2. All our farm birds LOVE them!! But the fun ones to watch are the turkey and peacock – both males and will just go nuts when one finds and does not share – hee hee!

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  3. whoooo hooooo THE CICADAS ARE BACK! what an experience it is to be part of this cycle….I was here in WV when the last 17 cycle hit and we could shovel up the dead cicadas with snow shovels after their short life cycle terminated…. I had heard that this year would be bad but not that bad. Thanks for the heads up.. they will give me several blog posts I am sure!

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    • I am lucky enough that even when there are hatch offs we have a small amount of them.
      Hehehe… they live on the sap in tree roots, we have few trees for them to feed on.

      Happy gardening


  4. There must be something that eats them.

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    • People eat them.
      You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There, uh, cicada kabobs, cicada creole, cicada gumbo, panfried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple cicada, lemon cicada, coconut cicada, pepper cicada, cicada soup, cicada stew, cicada salad, cicada and potatoes, cicada burger, cicada sandwich… that’s, that’s about it.

      Wild animals and domestic pets will eat them. Dogs will gorge themselves until they choke. Squirrels will eat them like corn on the cob. Wild turkeys will grow fat and juicy on the cicada feast. Fish go crazy for them too — you can use them as bait.

      Big smile…. Happy gardening and don’t stuff yourself…

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