Fun News Reports

Q. Worst drivers by profession, based on the number of insurance claims they make?
A. Accountants

vegetarian Martin House update. I was afraid that I had waited to long into this years migration season to have Martins occupy the house, However, in he past 2 days I have 3 pair that are checking out my new housing complex. Hope ‘she’ likes the house and moves in for the summer.

Oklahoma Grasshopper Insect season will soon be upon us. Some old timers say due to such a warm winter grasshoppers may be more numerous and larger than normal.

american leech There are a number of other pest and parasites that are pestering Americans and should be avoided at all cost.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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5 responses to “Fun News Reports

  1. Very entertaining! Cheers 😀

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  2. We have a purple martin house we set up a couple of years ago. My husband got excited earlier in the Spring when he saw the arrival of the first Purple Martins to show up and they were promptly chased off by some Starlings. Now we have some Blue Birds that have built a nest there, but no Purple Martins. Any hints for attracting them?

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    • Starlings are a real on going problem. Once a starling takes over a nest it will drive away less aggressive birds like Martins.
      You must solve your starling problem, you can shoot them. Remove starling nest materials from your house at least every other day.
      Do not leave any bird feed available for starlings to eat..
      Hummingbird feeders are OK.

      Note Martins are insect feeders and almost never feed on the ground or eat seeds. They feed on the wing in mid-air.
      Once a martin ‘moves in to’ a nest compartment it is hard to drive them away.

      This year you may consider taking your house down, the starlings will be forced to seek nest sites else where.
      Next year watch don’t put you house up before (Oklahoma) 1 march and keep your house free of starling nest, clean every other day if possible until Martins dominate the house and out number the starlings. This also applies for sparrows invading your martin house.

      Check out how to design a starling excluder hole, martin decoys and martin morning and daytime calls to help attract Martins to your house.
      Purple Martin Org: Catalog

      Good luck and Happy Gardening

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