Purple Martin Project

bh16 s&k manufacturing inc. Today’s news: Fueled by low humidity and 25 mph winds gusting to 60 mph pushed Oklahoma wild fires in to Kansas. Prairie blazes that burned at least 400,000 acres(620 square miles) in Oklahoma and southern Kansas have destroyed at least two homes and some livestock have been killed.

Purple Martin House project that could have waited another year or three. After procrastinating for at least 6 years, I ordered a 16 hole Purple Martin bird house. It arrived via UPS Thursday.
I hate those put tab A in slot B assembly projects.
I read the assembly instructions, ‘really’ I read the instructions and muddled through pushing, poking, prying a lot of tabs in to what I hoped was the correct slot.

I’m sure any 6 year old would have had it assembled in 15 minutes. There lies my problem I’m not 6 years old and I don’t know there I can rent one for a few hours.

The next glitch was No Where in S&K Manufacturing Inc. sales pitch did they say that it requires a ‘Special’ 1 1/4 on the flat triangle pole.
** I should say that this house was purchased online from Home Depot, they are the ones that are at fault for not providing ‘All’ necessary information concerning this house and the required special pole.

So I’m off to the shop to fabricate a 1 foot long adapter out of 3 pieces of 1-1/4 flat strip steel. After 30 minutes digging in our scrap steel pile and 3 minutes welding time, adapter was built and welded to the top of my 15 foot tall pole. My homemade telescoping pole was made from 2 in square tubing with a sliding 1-1/2 square tube in side.

In my other life I was a welder, so, no wood fence post around here, only steel fence post. After deciding which post to attach my Purple Martin house pole to, I drilled 4 holes and using 1/4 bolts attached it to one corner of my chicken pen fence.

My Rating:
S&K manufacturing Inc. BH16 Purple Martin bird house.

* Instructions usable but a bit vague in some assembly instructions.
* Materials: Walls, roof, floors are a heave gauge pliable plastic.
Compartment/nest divider partitions are made of a thick, what feels like wax coated cardboard.
For an additional $5,00 they could have been made of the same plastic used for the house walls.
* In my opinion No One should ever invest/purchase their 16 compartment house. Instructions state, to clean top 4 (attic) compartments, “Pull down the attic floor at the outer corners and scoop out litter/nesting materials. Repeat on all four corners until clean.”

Grin… I haven’t seen any Purple Martins, yet, but I did have 2 female savanna sparrows fighting over who will occupy which compartment. This event was occurring as I finished tightening the four 1/4 in pole mounting bolts.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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6 responses to “Purple Martin Project

  1. Best of luck with the Martin house! I’m looking forward to trying the eggplant recipes. Best wishes from New Zealand.


  2. Your welcome.
    I think any style S&H Mfg. Inc. house without attic compartments will be fine as long as you get their Tri-Tel – triangle pole or their adapter that will allow you to mount the house on a round(pipe) pole.
    Happy Gardening


  3. Jeez. Sounds like kind of a pain. Hope the martins like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grin… I do enjoy watching them. 😦 No Martins so far.
      However, I think I put up a condo in a low rent area.
      The English sparrows, savanna sparrows and house finches think it is a nifty place to live.
      Happy Gardening


  4. Just yesterday I was looking for a purple martin house resource since ours got toppled this year. Thanks for the advice.

    Liked by 1 person

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