Where Did The Sun And Warm Weather Go?

Words of wisdom: Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.
Harry S Truman

Son-n-law and grandson took time out of their other activities and tilled my garden plot several days ago. Since then we have had 2 or maybe 3 light rains making the garden to wet to plant this years corn crop.

After a few of rain less days, temperatures in the lower 70’s and a bit of wind by yesterday afternoon tiny garden soil was dry enough to plant, but, guess what… my weatherman said we have a cold front moving in and morning temperatures are going to be in the low 30’s, about 34 degrees … grin or maybe lower.
So, corn planting has been pushed into next week when daytime temperatures are forecast to be in the low 80’s.

I’m still lagging behind in filling my 2 new porch containers with soil and planting a small crop of lettuce, beets, turnips(for greens) and radishes. I don’t know where son-n-law got these containers, but they are about 12 inches wide, 4 feet long and about 9 inches deep. They contain a number of drainage holes making an idea porch container for shallow rooted crops.

Not good. It’s middle of the afternoon and a cold North wind has been pounding me all day. Sooo, I will resort to the last thing on my to-do list. Sweep and mop floors.. YUK.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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8 responses to “Where Did The Sun And Warm Weather Go?

  1. The porch containers sound interesting. Can you show a picture?

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  2. Snow here today …. this is a typical spring day so when you get the garden planted just let me know because mine should be about two weeks or so after yours…Best show of spring flowers in years so maybe the gardens will do just as well?

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  3. 80 degrees in March is enough to make anyone jump for spring! Can’t wait till the sun is here to stay 🙂


  4. We usually plant our corn mid-April. The potatoes and onions are going in this weekend with a nice layer of straw mulch as they are outdoors. We already have the herbs, strawberries going in the greenhouse and will be adding tomatoes, peppers, cucs, spinach carrots and a couple of other cooler weather crops on the north end (by the swamp cooler cuz it is about 10-20 degrees cooler on that end in summer). Our last “normal” frost date is any where from the end of april to end of may (that’s a close as we can get – ha ha – thus the reason for the huge greenhouse).


  5. We must be just a few days difference in our weather – but pretty much the same thing here in Colorado – 70+ one day, 30 or less the next, day time 60+ but night time under 20?? Oh well, this is the life of a farmer/gardener (and I wouldn’t be anything else! woohoo)

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    • Grin … If I am honest, I must admit that I really do know that my last ‘normal’ frost date is the 10th of April.
      But after so many warm days in March I had my hopes up for planting corn early hoping to avoid at least some of the corn worn infestation.
      Happy Gardening

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