I didn’t need it – I just wanted it

I splurged and purchased myself a new air rifle. It’s a Ruger – Targis, .177 caliber. It is a break over barrel type that does not require it be pumped 8 or 10 times before loading and firing.

This air rifle is much more powerful and has a muzzle velocity more than two times faster than the my old Crosman 760 pump-up.
Brand: Ruger *bigbox store price $90.00
Caliber: 0.177 (4.5 mm)
Ammo Type: Pellets
FPS w/Alloy Pellet: 1200
FPS w/Lead Pellet: 1000
Barrel Length: 18.7″
Barrel Type Rifled Bore
Total Length (inches): 44.75″
Capacity: 1
Action: Break Barrel
Power: Spring Piston
Trigger Pull (lbs): 3.5 (adjustable trigger travel)
Length of Pull (inches): 14
Cocking Effort (lbs): 34
Comes with unmounted 4X32 scope

Crosman(Daisy) 760 air rifle
Caliber .177
Power Variable Pump 3 – 10 pumps
Velocity Up to 600 fps
Product Weight 2.10 lbs
Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Type Smooth Bore
Front Sight Fixed Blade
Rear Sight Elevation Adjustable
Material Synthetic
Trigger Single Stage(non-adjustable)
Length of Pull (inches): 13
Total Length (inches): aprox: 33

I un-boxed inspected and checked all screws for tightness. Several were not as tight as I feel they should have been. I made a target from 8X11 paper, placed it at 15 yards to zero this air rifle.
Crap after 6 shots my shot pattern was 4 inches across, not one shot struck any closer that 2 inches to my target dot. I can’t make any sight adjustment until /unless my shot pattern is no larger than a quarter.

Double checked all sight mounting screws, I once again fired 3 shots. Again all over the paper. What’s up with this?

After a bit of research, I discovered that my problem could be the type of pellet I was firing. I was using a common pointed tip pellet made by crosman. SO, I changed to a dome head pellet, also manufactured by crosman, and suddenly my 3 shot grouping settled down and could be covered with a dime.
One windage and one elevation adjustment and I was zeroed.

Inspected the scope, mounting rings, assembled and mounted the scope on my air rifle.
New target, same range. Hint: Insure you have the scope rings securely mounted.
I fired 2 rounds. Two inches high, 3 inches right. Adjusted scope windage and elevation. Fired 3 shots. One inch right, made one more windage adjustment and fired 3 shots. Yea for me. Three holes appeared in the 1/2 black dot on my target.

My Review: For less than $100.00 I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a finer air rifle.
* I’m 69 and I find the rifle easy to cock and load.
* I love the illuminated open sights. Works great for an old guy that doesn’t see as well as I once did.
* Scope is better quality than I would have expected considering it is included with your air rifle purchase. It has a nice large field of view and ample magnification for any target within shooting range of a .177 caliber air rifle.
* Big plus – Ruger air rifle automatically puts the rifle in safe mode when you break over the barrel to cock the rifle.

Late yesterday afternoon I harvested a rabbit at about 40 yards for my table. One shot, one rabbit, doesn’t get any better than that.

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10 responses to “I didn’t need it – I just wanted it

  1. wonderful information for a woman who has asked the husband to get her a air rifle for several years…. maybe I will just get one for myself!

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  2. We had a crosman phantom I think it was, great little thing. Perfect for getting rid of the starlings that nest in our neighbors roof and poop on my car. It was 1000ft or something like that got it second hand really cheaply considering how much they sell for in store here. A bit different from what I am used to I’m used to silenced .22 rifles and BB guns so had a fair bit less kick back then a .22 but still did the job. Wasn’t a fan of the sight we had on it and we ended up taking it off because it wasn’t necessary. Very easy to zero and very simple to use. We used the pointed pellets but they weren’t the crosman brand, the store we brought them from didn’t have them. We decided to sell the two we had (the other was a smaller but similar air rifle) I’m not sure why we did now but my partner is no looking at getting his gun license so we may end up going back to the .22 and I’ll stick to air rifles and cross bows. That way whenever we go hunting I won’t be the one having to carry out a fully grown stag from the bush haha.

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  3. I wish I had one for all the crows that fly off with baby robins shrieking and legs all dangling.

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