Cucumber – Organic Varieties

The following is a short list of Cucumbers the seller has identified as being Organic Varieties.

* Saber Cucumbers Organic
50-55 days. Dark, forest green, cylindrical cucumbers have relatively thick, smooth, protective skin that’s peppered lightly with small white spines. Best enjoyed at about 7 inches long, Saber is sweet and juicy with few or no seeds depending on the presence of pollinating insects. Disease-resistant plants are strong and robust, showing good resiliency to cold temperatures, and steadfastly producing sleek cukes when the mercury drops. This selection is an excellent choice for the garden or greenhouse, as it performs equally well in open fields or under cover.

* Marketmore 97 Cucumbers Organic
55 days. Developed at Cornell University, Marketmore 97 is a great slicing cucumber, and is one of the most disease-resistant varieties we offer. Bitter-free and burpless to boot! With vines up to 6 feet long, this northern cultivar bears loads of 9-11 inch, straight, white spined cukes. A first rate addition to anyone’s garden. Marketmore 97 is produced under license, and a portion of the profits support vegetable breeding programs at Cornell University.

* Excelsior Cucumbers Organic
50 days. Beautiful, emerald-green cukes have exquisite flavor—perfect for fresh eating or pickling. The prolific, disease-resistant plants produce barrels of 4-5 inch, stocky fruit. Excelsior was originally developed for trellised cultivation in the greenhouse, but it performs equally well in the garden.

* Wautoma Cucumbers Organic
60 days. An early, very productive pickling cucumber, Wautoma is a consistent standout in our trials. Developed by the USDA, it produces huge crops of wonderful 4-5 inch picklers, often of better quality than the hybrids. Four to five foot plants resist nearly all cucumber diseases! Delightfully bitter free and burpless.

* Armenian Cucumbers Conventional & Organic
C. melo, Flexuosus Group 60 days. Called snake melons in the Middle East, this cucumber relative develops slightly ribbed, spineless cucumber shaped fruit that grow 2-3 feet long and 2 inches in diameter. Burpless and not bitter, these light green delicacies are best eaten when 12-15 inches long. Fruit set well at high temperatures and are straighter if trellis grown.

* Double Yield Cucumbers Organic
52 days. There couldn’t be a more appropriate name for this industrious cucumber. Its productivity is unmatched, and it’s a good thing, since these crispy, delicious fruit not only make superb pickles, they’re also excellent right off the vine. The super robust plants have a naturally rounded habit and yield 4-6 inch long, uniform, lime green fruit with black spines. Double Yield dates back to the 1920s and has been a garden favorite ever since.

* Manny Cucumbers Organic
52 days. Crisp, shiny, spineless cukes that are specifically bred to thrive in the greenhouse during colder months with low light levels. Each mouthwatering cucumber stays slim at 1 1/2 inches wide and 5-7 inches long. Best yields occur when grown on a trellis.

* Organic Non-GMO National Pickling Cucumber
Short, thick cukes with blunt ends are perfect for pickles and delicious in salads. Fruits have striped, medium green skin and a slightly tapered shape to fit in a pickle jar. A heavy producer with black spines. Developed by the National Pickle Packers Association; the cuke pickle growers asked for. Productive · 5″ fruit 52 days.

* Organic Non-GMO H19 Little Leaf Pickling Cucumber
Uniform fruits great for fresh eating or pickling. Compact, multi-branching vines climb easily; small leaf size makes fruit easy to see. Great for field, greenhouse, or containers. Developed and released by the University of Arkansas in 1991. Plants produce fruit under stress and without pollinators, guaranteeing high yields. Parthenocarpic · 3-4″ fruit 58 days.

* Organic Non-GMO Calypso F1 Pickling Cucumber Pack – HYBRID
Exceptionally early, heavy yields of uniform blocky fruits. Firm, 1″ diameter cukes are great for pickling with excellent eating quality. Consistently the earliest, most productive cuke in our trials with an impressive disease resistance package! Vigorous gynoecious plants set only female flowers; Marketmore 76 is included for pollination. Gynoecious · 4″ fruit. 52 days.

* Organic Non-GMO Adam F1 Gherkin Pickling Cucumber – HYBRID
Early, heavy yields of gherkin-type fruit for pickling. Fruit possesses a full, even shape with minimal tapering at a small size. Dense, crisp flesh and characteristic bumpy skin are most pronounced when young and help maintain crispness in pickling. Plants do not require pollination – perfect for greenhouses! Parthenocarpic · 3-4″ fruit. 60 days.

Disclaimer I have not conducted business with Territorial Seed Company or with High Mowing Organic Seeds As with any business decision, do your homework Before you place a seed order with any on line business.
.. Both have nice websites with a picture of each variety for your convenience and to assist you in deciding which variety(s) will be best suited to your garden.

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