Social Welfare – You get what you pay for

Current social welfare thinking in the UK can only be a few years away in the USA.
Mismanagement and the ever increasing list of things/conditions that allow people to enroll and in many cases abuse our Social Security system is straining our Social Security system to it’s breaking point.

UK –Work until you drop dead Work until you’re 75 – or even 81 – is under Government review of state pension age. Possible age hike comes as minister hints at pensions tax raid on middle-class savers.

A radical review of the pensions regime amid concerns that he current system is not “affordable in the long-term.

The Office for Budget Responsibility, the financial watchdog, has forecast that the pension age will have to rise to 69 by the late 2040s before increasing again to 70 by the early 2060s.

Royal London, the pensions provider, has just published research suggesting that today’s workers will need to retire as late as age 81 to enjoy the same standard of living enjoyed by their parents.
The findings raise the prospect of some people having to “work until they drop” to sustain their current lifestyles.

Will America’s Socialist thinking politicians and declared Socialist continue spending Other Peoples Money (Tax payer money) until they are forced to up Americans retirement age to 80+ years to fund their socialist style welfare programs?

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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2 responses to “Social Welfare – You get what you pay for

  1. Politicians will do whatever they’re allowed to do. Until more people are willing to break unjust laws and stop lining up to enthusiastically vote for more restrictions on their freedom, then more of the same is what we’ll get.

    Social security is unsustainable and a ponzi scheme. The input is drying up as the number of retired baby boomers is increasing. Add to that the amount of unfunded liabilities from each state and you’re looking at some unavoidable hard times. Louisiana has over 6 billion in unfunded liabilities, Mississippi has 14 billion. Cities like Chicago and New York are in major denial. Hell, we all are.

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    • You are right… federally mandated social welfare ‘unfunded’ are passed in to law and the cost of these programs are passed to states to fund.

      When there are more takers than makers, the system will collapse under it’s own weight.

      Plant a garden

      Happy Gardening


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