Garden Shed Or Man Shed – I Vote For Garden Shed

man shed Within the home, distinct his and hers spaces, such as a man cave or walk-in closet, are easy to digest and justify. After all, he needs space to store his stuff and do manly things and vice versa. Taking that space one step further is to go beyond shouting distance. Fox news: Meet the man Shed

Just an old guys opinion, but, I think a mans time and money would be better invested in building a really nice functional Garden Shed.

hex garden shedvine covered garden shed

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8 responses to “Garden Shed Or Man Shed – I Vote For Garden Shed

  1. I agree, my partner and I have no distinguishable spaces. We both enjoy similar things. We craft together, cook together, work in the garden together. I have my book shelves and he has his xbox games (some of which are mine too). But I was the odd pregnant lady who whilst pregnant agreed to the purchase of air rifles, the production of home brewed beer in our kitchen and even agreed to extend our rent to cover the massive garage behind our house. It started of as a man cave when bubs was first born but now is more of a child free zone. The garden is more my thing then his though he does like to help out he doesn’t get the same fulfilment from it. So now we are looking at a project car for him and I am apparently getting a crossbow for my birthday so we will be setting up a practice range in the shed as well.

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    • Mmmmm Air rifles, beer, old cars and cross bows. Now that opens up all many avenues for dinner table discussions.
      Happy gardening

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      • The odd thing is I don’t drink and my partner has declared 2016 a beer free year for him so our friends this year will be receiving a good supply of free beer purely because we enjoy making it. Definitely makes for interesting dinner conversations and I cannot wait to go hunting with my cross bow. A good wild goat curry may be on the cards, along with rabbit. Mmmm

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        • Grin … grandson killed a wild pig 2 days ago with his 1911 – .45 caliber pistol. Now he wants me to build him a hunting stand. He wants to get a cross bow for pigs and to use during deer hunting season.
          Happy Gardening

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  2. When we bought our house it came with a large, screened “spa house”, located just off the back deck. After enjoying the spa for a couple of years, we gave it away and turned the ‘house’ into “Wanda’s Garden Shack”! I now have one place, centrally located, for all my gardening paraphernalia.

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  3. I agree. I built a garden shed for my wife’s birthday one year. The cats bed down in it at night, when they are not on rodent pratrol. One of these days I plan to build a faux-out-house, which will be just the place to store some extra rakes and shovels on the other side of the yard to save time walking around the cabin to the garden shed. My other motivation is because out-houses are prohibited in our association covenants… but it will not actually be a Necessary. I will put an old toilet in there to hold small tools. Be wary the fool who sits on that throne!

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